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Retiring abroad: Three Spanish destinations in Forbes' top 10
06 January 2020 @ 21:33

AFTER a lifetime of the daily grind, retirement and earning a pension used to be what happened when we were literally too old to work, let alone do anything fun – but it's generally understood these days that retirement is a time when we've worked quite enough, thank you very much, and we're now going to relax, enjoy ourselves and take up all those hobbies we never had a free moment for earlier in life.

If you're thinking of moving abroad for this 'golden age' in your life, you may well find yourself bombarded with choices – especially if you don't have a 'special place' where you've spent plenty of time and feel an affinity with, and don't have family or close friends overseas you'd like to live nearer to.

It's stating the obvious to say Spain is one of the top choices for northern Europeans seeking warmer climates for their retirement – excellent healthcare, free at the point of access to all residents, fabulous food, a lower cost of living than most countries above the Pyrénées and several below them, mild winters, balmy springs and autumns and sun-drenched summers, idyllic beaches, beautiful scenery, and – depending upon what you're seeking – there's plenty of choice between cosmopolitan communities where you'll meet people of your own nationality and others, or where you're completely immersed in Spanish society, or where you're on the cusp of both and can choose between them as the mood takes you.

But don't listen to us, because we're biased – of course we're going to tell you Spain is the best place in the world to retire to.

Just to prove we're right, though, we had a look at the Forbes magazine top 10 retirement destinations, and – guess what? Not only is Spain in it, but three places in the list are on Spanish soil, and it's the only country with more than one destination mentioned.

What might surprise you, though, is that two of these are off the traditional tourist trail, and may not even have occurred to you – so we've just inflated your list and made your choice harder.

Sorry about that.


What to consider

Sunshine is not enough. You need to be sure you're living somewhere safe, somewhere affordable, with good-quality housing, decent driving conditions in the first decade or two of your retirement, the economy in general...



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