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End of CEST: Spain to keep clock changes until 2021
25 October 2019 @ 20:56

LITTLE has been mentioned in the past year about the Europe-wide plan to stop turning the clocks back in winter – and, once again, from this weekend, it will get dark an hour earlier in Spain and on the rest of the continent.

Europeans who took part in an online survey voted overwhelmingly for more daylight – over 90%, especially in more northern countries where the skies are black in the mornings and residents go home from school and work in the dark, but also in Spain, where it was felt that longer hours of light would be beneficial for the tourism industry.

The European Commission decided that March 2019 would be the last compulsory hour change among the 28 member States of the Union, but as yet, no single country has passed legislation opting to do away with the twice-yearly clock change.

This said, European Parliament is aiming for the twice-annual clock adjustment to be scrapped from the year 2021, so it could be that within two or three years, nobody will have to worry about it again except when they travel outside the continent.

A leading neurologist has warned of the health effects Saturday's change will bring and how to alleviate them – although these are only temporary.



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tonyl said:
26 October 2019 @ 09:44

Oh dear, this is going to make winter mornings so dark and dreary. Already, before the clocks go back tomorrow, it's still dark at 8 o'clock, and I suspect by Christmas it'll still be dark at 9 am.

I think (hope) they'll try this experiment for a few years like we did in the UK in the late 60's, then decide it was a mistake and go back to changing the clocks again.

Campovan said:
26 October 2019 @ 13:30

This morning the Sun rises at 08.23, and tomorrow, after the clocks come back an hour, the Sun rises at 07.24.
Here's hoping these facts make it clearer for tonyl.

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