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Woman freed from paying loans husband acquired without her permission
27 September 2019 @ 19:12

A WOMAN whose husband signed up for credit without her permission or knowledge has been absolved from paying back the debt in a Supreme Court (pictured) verdict that will set a precedent for similar cases.

Generally, in financial terms, a married couple is treated as one body and is jointly liable for debts contracted by either party in both names after the marriage becomes legal.

In this case, the plaintiff's husband had signed cheques, obtained and used a credit card and taken out personal loans, all in his wife's name, from the now-defunct high-street bank Banesto, which ceded the debts, in accordance with its usual practice, to the company Aiqon Capital Lux S.A.R.L.

Her husband had forged her signature and even set up a post office box number for bank statements to be sent to, so she would never find out.

She did, however, when her husband defaulted on the repayments and she received a written demand for the sum of €17,808.

The plaintiff asked the bank for explanations, divorced her husband and filed legal action against him for forgery – but the case was dropped when he subsequently died.

She then took action against Aiqon Capital Lux...



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28 September 2019 @ 11:11

Good decision. My daughter was in an abusive marriage and only during the divorce did she discover her rotten to the core husband had taken out a company debit card in her name and given it to his also rotten to the core father. They spent / removed in cash and loans over a million pounds sterling in three years!!! Not a thing happened to them, the police aren't interested and even a fraudulent mortgage was ignored and simply re-issued at a higher rate. Upshot was my daughter and I (as I was the major creditor) lost a fortune. Individuals who incur debts should be solely responsible for them.

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