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Andalucía patients can download X-rays and read their clinical data online thanks to ClicSalud+
19 September 2019 @ 13:52

PATIENTS in Andalucía can now access a website allowing them to print or download their X-rays, CAT scans and MRIs, and reports interpreting these.

The portal ClicSalud+ lets residents collect copies of their test results so that if they decide to request a second opinion or turn to the private sector - either paying for it themselves or via health insurance - they do not have to repeat their scans.

They can also check other health data such as drugs they have been prescribed, how to take them, their doctor's instructions concerning them, and the date they need to return to the pharmacy to get the next batch.

Hospital reports from consultations, admissions or interventions can be accessed, including those from A&E, plus records of their vaccinations and results of blood, urine and stool tests.

The site lets patients consult information concerning all the times they have been signed off sick, the reasons, and dates, and when they need to return to their GP to get another sick note if they are still off work.

ClicSalud+ includes the facility for patients to book GP appointments, vaccinations, nurse's and paediatrician's visits online - something already in place in many, but not all, of Spain's autonomously-governed regions.



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