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Sánchez says 'no more Brexit concessions' in EU-UK deal talks
13 September 2019 @ 18:49

CARETAKER president of Spain Pedro Sánchez says he does not believe there is room for any further negotiations on a Brexit deal, and has urged Spanish companies to start documenting where and how they would be affected in the event of a no-deal scenario.

“There's no room for further concessions,” Sánchez said last night (Wednesday).

“We cannot keep renegotiating what has already been negotiated.”

Sánchez lamented what he calls the 'complete political blockage' and 'constitutional crisis' in British Parliament and criticised prime minister Boris Johnson for 'not respecting the agreement already reached'.

“Spain is as prepared as it can be for the increasingly likely possibility of a hard Brexit,” Sánchez told Congress yesterday.

“Our government has worked hard to cover any possible scenario.”

He urged all affected citizens – Brits who live or own second homes in Spain, British holidaymakers, and Spaniards living in the UK – as well as all financial, business and institutional parties who could be affected by Brexit to 'remain calm', but also admits that 'everyone needs to be honest and realistic' and that the contingency measures adopted 'can only mitigate the consequences', but 'cannot eliminate them altogether'.

“Only a small part of those consequences are within the European Union's control – the rest depends upon whatever decisions the UK government and Parliament take.

“To this end, everyone likely to be affected needs to start evaluating how far they could be impacted by a no-deal Brexit and try to take whatever steps they can to minimise that impact.”

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