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Law reform tightens definition of 'wholemeal' bread
03 July 2019 @ 00:35

A NEW law which came into effect yesterday (Monday) restricts the definition of 'wholemeal bread' and brings the IVA, or value-added tax, on it down from 10% to the bottom rate of 4%.

Until now, bread labelled 'wholemeal' often contained only a tiny portion of wholemeal flour – if any at all – and other agents such as malt were used to give it the brown colour.

The flour, when described in the ingredients as 'wholemeal', was often refined white flour with the wheat bran added in afterwards – but now, it can only be given this distinction if it contains the complete wheat germ and makes up a significant part of the content.

In fact, 75% of bread sold as 'wholemeal' until now was merely white bread with extra bran and colouring.

This is largely because 'genuine' wholemeal flour is more expensive and more difficult to work with.



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