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Spain's oldest councillor: Charito, 95
28 May 2019 @ 13:34

AGE is nothing but a number – although it can help you qualify to run for local government in a party that was the third-most voted in its town yesterday (Sunday), as Charito and her colleagues in the Madrid region municipality of Patones have found out.

Whilst the PSOE (socialists) netted an outright majority – 60.9% of the votes and five councillors – the party Abuelas por Patones ('Grannies for Patones') earned 15.71% of the votes, putting them third ahead of the PP who obtained one council seat with 20.19%.

But an apparent tie between the PP and the 'Abuelas' which the Electoral Board has been called upon to resolve could strengthen the latter's position.

In any case, the 'Grannies' have obtained one seat in the village, which goes to Charito (pictured), its leader, aged 95.

Charito lives in the upper part of the village, Patones de Arriba, which has just 20 inhabitants but is considered an official cultural heritage site and sees more tourists than anywhere else in Patones.

In fact, Patones, outside of Madrid city, sees some of the highest numbers of tourists in the region because of its picturesque and traditional character.



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