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Spain discovers edamame...and supermarkets run out
12 May 2019 @ 16:06

ALREADY a staple ingredient in vegetarian and vegan ready meals and restaurant menus in many western countries, edamame has only just found its way to the vegetable counters of supermarkets in Spain.

But after advertising it as 'a tasty snack that helps you lose weight without trying', stores across the country have run out just as fast as they began to stock it.

A young, unripe soya bean consumed in its pod, edamame is normally boiled or steamed, with or without salt, and eaten whole, meaning no peeling, chopping or other preparation is required and they can be ready in two or three minutes.

They are filling and full of flavour, but with no fat, minimal carbohydrates and very few calories, meaning serial fridge-raiders can chomp them all day long without worrying too much about putting on extra pounds, or kilos.

Edamame pods have followed the same trail as aloe vera, green tea, quinoa and avocado as low-fat, high-nutrition foodstuffs that have made their way around the world onto the plates and into the cups of those who seek optimum health benefits from their diet.



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