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Spain calls for 'democratic solution' amid Venezuela uprising
01 May 2019 @ 14:48

SPAIN'S government spokeswoman Isabel Celaá says the country 'hopes with all its heart' that 'there is no bloodshed' in Venezuela following the people's uprising called by disputed president Juan Guaidó accompanied by the newly-freed opposition leader Leopoldo López, who is now out of house arrest.

As far as Spain is concerned, Guaidó is Venezuela's legitimate president, but Sra Celaá says she does not yet know whether her leader Pedro Sánchez has spoken to him on the phone.

"He is in constant receipt of information and updates from Venezuela," Celaá assures.

But she stresses Spain will 'not support a military coup' in the troubled South American nation, and is urging Guaidó and López for a 'peaceful democratic process' which should include the 'immediate convening of a general election'.

"Yes, it was a good idea and a democratic decision to support Guaidó - for us, he was and is the president and representative whom we consider legitimate to bring about transformation, and in this sense there is no question. Guaidó represents the alternative, which, socially, politically and humanly, is enough for us," Celaá said in a press conference this afternoon (Tuesday) after Guaidó and López attempted to rally the military against deposed Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro.

Spain's foreign ministry has 'activated all Consular channels' to protect Spanish expatriates in Venezuela, who are 'receiving special attention' in light of recent developments.



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