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Off-grid power production for freehold communities: What the new law means
09 April 2019 @ 12:02

FOR the first time ever, off-grid living can be shared between communities of owners or between traders with neighbouring premises, thanks to a new law covering self-generated power supply due to come into force tomorrow (Sunday).

Until this weekend, only individuals were able to power their homes via solar panels, which can be a costly exercise - even though the original outlaw will be clawed back within a few years from money saved on mains electricity bills - but from tomorrow, a new legal figure, dubbed 'collective self-generated consumption', has been launched so that entire apartment blocks, urbanisations, or even unrelated neighbours can share their supply.

And any energy they produce which they do not need to use can be 'sold back' to the mains electricity company by way of a discount on owners' bills during times when they need to resort to the grid.

Previously, homeowners were only permitted to install solar panels on their own premises for personal use, but now, by clubbing together, groups, communities of owners and traders who share industrial estates can opt to set theirs up elsewhere.



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rob_j1 said:
13 April 2019 @ 11:56

I've been trying to get mains electricity connected to my build (in the Benahavis town hall area) for over a year, and due to a variety of problems, still haven't had it connected.

Got so sick and tired of all the rubbish from Endesa, that I decided to speak with HolaLuz, who I found out have entered an agreement to install the Tesla system.

When I reached out to them, they suggested an LG system, but I didnt want that. They have not responded to my followup regarding Tesla.

Seems like people who want to buy things just aren't being responded to. That would seem like a hole in the market.

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