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Europe’s 2021 plastic ban: How will it affect Spain?
26 February 2019 @ 13:07

DISPOSABLE plastic has had its day in the European Union – by the year after next, heaps of everyday throwaway items that take up to 1,000 years to break down and disappear will be off the shelves in all 27 member States, including Spain.

Other types will be heavily restricted, and a third category will be the subject of prevention campaigns and recycling – although what can be recycled differs greatly depending upon where you are on the continent.

In Spain, all soft plastics, including cling film, crisp packets, packaging, carrier bags, and even wet-wipes can be dumped in the ‘yellow bin’ for sorting and re-use; the same container takes drinks cans, tins, and milk and juice cartons.

Yet in the UK, currently still the 28th member State, only hard plastics can be recycled – any kind of wrapper goes in landfill or is burnt, and the only way you can dispose of carrier bags without harming the environment is to return them to supermarkets; if they’ll take them.


Plastic plates, straws, cutlery, cups and bottles

Fiestas in Spain will have to undergo a massive change: plastic plates, cups, straws, cocktail-stirrers and cutlery, used three times daily by each of the peñas or festival ‘clubs’ for their open-air communal meals will be on the banned list by 2021.

At least, plastic cups, along with water bottles, will still be permitted, but at least 25% of them must be made with recycled plastic by 2025 and, by 2030, at least 30%.

Unless and until they disappear altogether, though, they can and should be dumped in the ‘yellow bin’.



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