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Uber and Cabify pull out of Barcelona over pre-booking time restrictions
01 February 2019 @ 19:48

'ALTERNATIVE' taxi services Uber and Cabify have ceased operations in Barcelona as from today after restrictions on booking have made it 'impossible' for them to operate.

In light of mainstream cab drivers having staged multiple protests across the city to force the council's hand, passengers now have to book Uber and Cabify rides at least 15 minutes in advance – which taxi drivers have reluctantly agreed to, as they wanted this to be extended to at least an hour or two, with geo-tagging removed so customers would not be able to trace any other Uber or Cabify than the one they had reserved, and minimum distances set.

Cabify says 98.5% of its bookings are made much less than 15 minutes before the ride is required, and Uber says this restriction does not apply anywhere else in Europe – where, they say, mainstream taxis coexist with these newer alternatives without any problems – and that it goes against their policy of being immediately available.

Both services say they have been 'constructively dismissed' from Catalunya, since the Barcelona ruling is expected to apply across the region.

Uber, which briefly left Catalunya, returned about a year ago and, up to yesterday, had around 500,000 users, whilst Cabify has about a million customers registered in Barcelona alone.

In Madrid, no such restrictions are likely to apply – regional president Ángel Garrido is against limiting Uber and Cabify services, although may consider allowing individual town and city councils to 'regulate' pre-booking times if they see fit.



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DJF42 said:
02 February 2019 @ 13:30

As always seems to happen in Spain the taxi drivers and hoteliers hold a lot of sway with local, regional and state governments. All boils down to protectionism from healthy competition, hence the reason the holiday lets and renting market is in such a disarray and taxis cannot pick up in an area they are not registered in, even though they have taken a fare there from their own area.

windtalker said:
03 February 2019 @ 15:15

The Spanish Taxi service is screwing the Spanish public...the EU has ordered the Spanish government to deregulate the taxi service to create competition in the industry ...just like you get in any modern country.

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