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The Three Kings explained: Why Twelfth Night is bigger than Christmas Day in Spain
07 January 2019 @ 14:15

CHRISTMAS isn't over yet in Spain – far from it. Don't forget there are a full 12 days of the festivities, not just December 25 (and Boxing Day isn't even a bank holiday in Spain, so they need to squeeze another one in somewhere).

Anyone who has never been to Spain in early January may only remember the Three Wise Men from the East if they watch a Nativity play, but for Spanish children, it is these heavily-adapted biblical figures who bring them their presents.

Santa Claus was a relatively unknown quantity in Spain until around 10 years ago, and was seen as little more than a commercial mascot for the holidays; nowadays, children receive small gifts from Father Christmas, but the night of January 5 is when they get their new bikes, PlayStations and Ella-from-Frozen outfits.

They may find these waiting at home after they return from the evening parade of the Three Kings, or they may get them directly from Balthazar, Melchior and Casper in their town square as these are unloaded by the Pages in public.





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