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What’s it like being in space? Children’s Q&A with Pedro Duque
03 January 2019 @ 18:47

ASTRONAUT-TURNED-SCIENCE minister Pedro Duque has donned his space suit in public again for the first time since 2003, when he went on his last mission into orbit.

Duque was visited in his offices by a group of children for a question-and-answer session – and, predictably, almost every one of their queries was about his life as an astronaut rather than his current role as head of universities and scientific research.

He wore his all-in-one European Space Agency (ESA) outfit and posed with a laser-beam, which thrilled the kids, and answered them patiently and with plenty of humour, say the adults with them.

Pedro Duque is known for being quiet, reserved and preferring a behind-the-scenes rather than a public-facing role, but was said to be very relaxed with the little ones and clearly enjoying himself.

His two trips to the International Space Station meant he was able to give clear explanations about what it felt like to be in zero gravity, how much fuel is used on a space voyage, and what his feelings were when he saw the Earth from outside it.

Speaking to a packed room of children, Duque said: “Seeing Earth from 220 kilometres above it is really amazing. You see the sun rise every hour and a half. But it’s at its most beautiful at night – when you can perfectly see all the lights of the cities, and thunder storms. It’s stunning.”



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