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PP and Ciudadanos to strike deal to govern Andalucía – Vox not included
24 December 2018 @ 17:24

CENTRE-RIGHT Ciudadanos and the right-wing PP expect to reach a deal to govern Andalucía before Christmas Eve is out, but will not include any members of the far-right party Vox in their coalition.

PP secretary-general for the southern territory, Dolores López, says her team and Ciudadanos were 'practically there' in terms of the agreement they hope to strike, since the two parties 'coincide' with 'many of their proposed measures'.

Sra López recalls that during the PP's regional election campaign, it pledged to 'eliminate inheritance tax, reduce income tax and other steps essential to the lives of people in Andalucía'.

Others include 'working towards' nursery schools being free of charge for children from birth to three years old when they start in infants at primary school.

Many of these proposals will come to fruition within the first 100 days of government in the region, López says.

Vox, whose 12 seats gained out of 110 in the regional elections sparked international media concerns about the alt-right gaining a foothold in Spanish politics for the first time since the death of Franco, will not form part of the new PP-Ciudadanos coalition, but is unlikely to put up any resistance at the in-house voting session, Dolores López assures.



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