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Petrol and diesel prices plummet in time for Christmas
16 December 2018 @ 19:06

Petrol and diesel have dropped in price and are set to remain this way until the weekend before Christmas at least thanks to a fall in crude oil costs.

Lead-free 95 petrol is down to an average of €1.224 per litre – 1.45% lower than at the beginning of the year – whilst diesel has fallen to €1.176 per litre, which is 2.62% higher than at the start of 2018 but a considerable drop on a month ago.

In mid-November, petrol was 6.92% more expensive and diesel, 6.89% higher in price.

Filling up an average tank to the brim – about 55 litres – now costs a typical €67.32 in petrol or €64.68 in diesel.

Petrol has become slightly cheaper since a year ago – down by 0.81% - whilst diesel has gone up by 3.8%, and could well start to climb in the coming year due to government announcements about an additional tax on this type of fuel.

Current prices remain well below their historic high of September 2012, when petrol was on average over €1.50 a litre, or nearly 20% more expensive than now, whilst diesel is 18.62% cheaper than at peak price time.



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