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Electricity in Spain: Cheapest in Europe?
23 November 2018 @ 19:48

SPAIN'S electricity was officially the cheapest in Europe yesterday (Thursday) – an unusual scenario as it is usually among the most expensive on the continent.

Rising prices for households and traders have led to the Spanish government's creating a battery of measures to bring costs down and protect vulnerable consumers from being left without power because they cannot afford to pay their bills.

But in the meantime, the price per megawatt per hour (MWh) dropped yesterday to the lowest in the European Union, at €65.90.

The price of the 'power pool' in Spain was well below the €84.10 per MWh seen in Germany, the €84.80 per MWh in Italy, France's €90.50 and the UK's €87.70.

This was largely due to a fall in renewable energy production across the continent due to a sudden drop in temperatures, with minus figures overnight being registered in several countries north of the Pyrénées – compared to Mediterranean and southern Spain's 13ºC at night – whilst Spain's wind and solar power production is now among the highest in Europe because of mild temperatures.

This situation will continue until the end of the week and probably over part of next week, according to experts.

Today (Friday) prices sit at €67.20 per MWh, compared with over €84 in Germany and Italy and more than €90 in France.

Spain's maximum, seen on September 19, was €75.93, has dropped considerably in the last two months.

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jeffsears said:
24 November 2018 @ 10:12

My electricity cost is €0,135 per kilowatt plus IVA. Then there are all the other addons like standing charges, equipment rental etc.

It would be more useful if you compared user prices instead of wholesale prices.

I doubt that Spain would be the cheapest then.

pjck said:
24 November 2018 @ 12:39

Unfortunately I use more electricity while in Spain during summer months than in England (due to air conditioning).
And winter months are not actually so warm that one can exist without heating at all - as there is no gas central heating at the property (as in many others) electricity has to be used again.

harddunby said:
24 November 2018 @ 14:49

Doesn't mean it's cheap at the consuming end plus the temperature can easily be below zero over 500 metres. Adding the auto cutoff at 3kw it's just as it always was.

wardton said:
24 November 2018 @ 18:36

The only useful way of looking at your meter bill/reading is the kWh charge....usually so many cent/pence per kW/Hr.
Anything else is only nonsense!

johnzx said:
25 November 2018 @ 10:08

For me the realistic way of looking at the cost, is to divide the total billed amount by the number of units consumed.

In holiday properties for many months the extra charges might be more than 50% of the bill

pjck said:
25 November 2018 @ 11:23

That's right johnzx. You may consume nothing - and still pay.

crisco said:
25 November 2018 @ 11:35

We find that the night and day tariff from Endesa works best. Much cheaper electricity for 14 hours starting either 10 or 11pm allowing washing in the morning and ac on all night

pjck said:
25 November 2018 @ 12:17

Good to know, thank you.
However - I don't know anything about changing providers in Spain.

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