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'Smart mattress' cuts cot-death risk and remoulds deformed skulls
22 November 2018 @ 13:48

SPANISH scientists have invented a 'smart mattress' for babies which prevents and corrects skull deformities and can even reduce the risk of cot death.

The first baby mattress with a European medical kitemark and supervised by the Spanish Medicines Agency, the creation by 'BabyKeeper' is the brainchild of a team from the European Sleep Quality Institute (ESQI), all of whom are from Spain.

Among its latest-generation features, the mattress – which took five years of research to create – detects fever in infants and raises the alarm by changing colour, and also inhibits bacteria responsible for skin rashes.

Its structure is designed to reduce pressure on the back of the baby's head so as not to adversely alter the shape when the skull bones are still soft and pliable, and also moulds it into the correct position if deformities are already starting to appear.

The BabyKeeper mattress reduces the risk of cot death caused by re-inhalation of carbon dioxide by 72%, and caused by excess body heat by 48%, and caused by poor position, by 60%.



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