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Duty free more expensive than buying online, says research
02 August 2018 @ 00:51

AIRPORT duty-free shopping is up to 41% more expensive than buying the same goods online, according to Spanish price comparison website

Duty free goods are sold free of national tax for passengers travelling to or from destinations outside the European Union, and many believe they are picking up a bargain.

But it could be that it is no cheaper than buying the items outside the airport – in fact, they could even be more expensive.

One of the most frequently-purchased duty-free goods, perfume, is 41% cheaper online for men and 28% cheaper bought via the internet for women, Idealo says.

Alcohol, another duty-free staple, averages 9% more expensive bought airside in the case of sparkling wines such as champagne and cava and can be as much as 16% more than when bought online.



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DJF42 said:
05 August 2018 @ 19:42

I have been saying this for at least five years.
Just look at the sign above the entrance to the yellow brick road most airports force you to walk along before getting into the departure area.
Does it say "DUTY FREE"?
When staff are asked what tax has been taken off the price they respond with a whole lot of words that mean nothing and disclose nothing, which IMHO says it all.
What is more amazing is the number of passengers who still clamber for the "bargins".
Must be paid too much these days!

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