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ETA 'apology speech' convinces nobody
20 April 2018 @ 20:49

A SPEECH by Basque terror organisation ETA 'apologising' for the thousands of deaths and serious injuries its attacks across Spain caused over more than 50 years is 'too little, too late', according to the national government.

ETA revealed earlier this week that it had scheduled a press conference for today (Friday) ahead of its planned announcement on May 5 in Bayonne, southern France, where members are expected to tell the public they have formally dissolved the organisation.

Masked spokespersons admitted their actions – over 2,472 terror attacks – had caused 'immeasurably suffering' and that the cell is 'truly sorry', calling for 'forgiveness' to living victims who 'had nothing to do with the conflict', which centred on Basque separatism and the reunification of the Spanish and French Basque regions.

They spoke of 'deaths, injuries, tortures, kidnaps and people forced to flee abroad', for which ETA was 'directly responsible'.

“None of this should ever have happened and should never have gone on over time,” it said.

“A democratic solution should have been found much earlier.”

But they still attempted to justify themselves by saying that 'suffering had always reigned, even before ETA was created' and that it has long since 'abandoned the armed conflict'.

Its last attack was in Mallorca in 2009, and the organisation formally disarmed and handed in its weapons a year ago.



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