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Tidal surge claims lives of two pensioners
04 January 2018 @ 16:11

STORM Bruno has already claimed two lives in the Basque Country after a man and woman, believed to be a couple, were swept out to sea off the coast of Deba (Guipúzcoa province).

The victims, aged 67 and 65 and both from the city of Vitoria, were walking along the pier at around 16.45 when a massive wave hit them.

A witness threw himself into the water to try to save them, but was beaten back by the current and forced to swim ashore.

Emergency services were unable to reach the pair in time.

Their bodies were found and pulled ashore.

Mayor of Mutriku - which Deba is part of – José Ángel Lizardi said the two victims had walked to the edge of the pier to watch the spectacular tidal surges, which involve waves of up to eight metres (26 feet) in height.

The man 'lost consciousness almost immediately', Lizardi says, and was found floating face-down, showing 'no signs of life', whilst the woman was attempting to help him.



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