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Rajoy pledges fibreoptic roll-out to 85% of population
01 January 2018 @ 17:05

HIGH-SPEED fibreoptic internet will soon be available to 85% of Spain's population as part of the government's five-year broadband roll-out which started in 2013.

President Mariano Rajoy says he intends to 'give a definitive push' to plans to extend fast connections to 'all towns, cities and villages in Spain, if possible', or at least, leaving no more than 15% of country's inhabitants without access.

The New Generation Broadband Extension Programme (PEBA-NGA) 2013-2017 comprises a public funding scheme for internet and mobile phone operators, as well as European Union FEDER local development grants.

So far in 2017, State funding has been given to 138 projects presented by 33 network operators, costing a total of €169.4 million, of which the government has stumped up around 60%, or €105m.

More built-up and densely-populated areas are likely to already have some fibreoptic connection available, although even some large towns off the tourist trail and nowhere near Spain's largest cities have been unable to acquire the service.



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