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Rajoy refuses 'dialogue' if it 'threatens Spain's unity'
11 October 2017 @ 21:59

Spanish president Mariano Rajoy, however, says he is only willing to enter talks with Puigdemont 'within the law', meaning that 'under no circumstances will the division of Spain be up for debate'.

Dialogue is 'not possible' where it is 'between legality and disobedience', and 'the diagnosis does not allow for too many discrepancies'.

“The governors of Catalunya have perpetrated a disloyal and very dangerous attack on the Spanish Constitution, their own regional Statute, the unity of Spain and peaceful coexistence,” Rajoy said in Parliament.

“In light of this, the government of Spain has given a full, legal and proportionate response, and has initiated the triggering of Article 155.

“We intend to continue to fulfil our duty to defend national law and the unity of the country, whilst seeking to return to concordance and social peace.

“It's time to put an end to this nonsense in a prudent manner and with the ultimate aim of returning to peaceful coexistence.”

Rajoy says he is 'prepared to talk' about public services, financing, self-governing, accountability and 'even the Constitution', but will not support any kind of referendum or independence.



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