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Two-thirds of Spanish workers 'take the office on holiday with them', says research
06 August 2017 @ 14:35

FEWER than 35% of Spanish residents 'switch off' from work when they are on holiday, according to separate studies carried out by recruitment agencies Adecco and Randstad.

The former cites 34.8% of workers continuing on the job in some form or another whilst on annual leave, whilst the latter gives a figure of 32.5% - meaning effectively, two-thirds of the country is still somehow 'working' whilst on holiday.

The '24/7 culture' affects both sexes and all ages, but the typical profile of an employee who does not use their holiday as complete down-time is a male aged under 25, and he is generally unhappy with how long he has for his holidays.

Women, in 72.5% of cases, claimed they did in fact 'leave the office behind' when they were away from it, according to Adecco.

Randstad says nearly half of those who stay connected to their job whilst away – 48.1% - do so because they 'find it difficult to shut their minds off' to work-related issues, whilst 27.5% say they cannot switch off because their companies still contact them while they are out of the office.



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