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Rajoy testifies over Gürtel racket: First-ever reigning president called as witness says he had 'nothing to do with' PP finances
26 July 2017 @ 21:11

PRESIDENT Mariano Rajoy finished testifying as a witness in the Gürtel corruption case at 13.00 today (Wednesday), during which he insisted his role in the PP party had been 'entirely political' and 'nothing to do with the accounting side'.

His answers to the accusation, head of court and defence had 312 reporters and photographers hanging onto every word and gesture for subsequent description in 83 media channels, of which 21 were from other countries including France, Germany, México, Russia and Colombia.

The first-ever serving president to be called to the dock, even as a witness, Rajoy was asked about what he knew of the right-wing PP's activities between the years 1999 and 2005, the during which the corruption is thought to have started.

The racket involved businesses paying bribes to the PP in cash in exchange for lucrative public works contracts, and the cash being handed out in envelopes to top-flight party members and used to fund its electoral campaigns.

Other than the current, and fairly recent treasurer – the fifth since the party formed in the post-Franco era – all the other treasurers have been charged or are under investigation.



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