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Non-religious funerals a growing concept in Spain: Rock music, funny anecdotes and alcohol are replacing the traditional solemn mass
26 March 2017 @ 22:51

TWO in three marriages are civil ceremonies and only half of all children are christened in Spain – and now, non-religious funerals are on the rise.

Traditionally, a Catholic funeral involves a sombre mass – normally in Latin – and an open coffin where no expense is spared in making the deceased look as attractive as possible.

The ceremony is normally held within 24 hours or a maximum of 48 hours after death, and once the religious rites have taken place, the grieving family and friends go home.

Misunderstanding has arisen between Spaniards and northern European expatriates – the tradition of setting up monuments such as benches with a plaque and photograph, of playing the deceased's favourite music, turning up in coloured clothes instead of black attire, and holding a boozy party afterwards to 'celebrate the life' of the departed loved one has often been considered macabre by the native Spanish population, or at the very least, disrespectful.


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