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Over half of self-employed workers have been in business for five years or more, but nine in 10 are on lowest income bracket
28 February 2017 @ 22:36

TWO-THIRDS of self-employed workers have been in their current professional situation for at least three years, and just over half – 55.2% - have been trading for five years or more, according to a report by the Federation of Associations of Autonomous [self-employed] Workers (ATA).

A total of just under 3.2 million of Spain's workforce are self-employed, of whom over 1.97 million – nearly 62% - are sole traders, whilst the remaining 1.22 million are registered as either limited or public-limited companies.

The report shows that 86% of sole traders do not earn more than the bottom band for paying Social Security, or 'national insurance' – a total flat fee of €267.03 irrespective of earnings aimed at those with a gross monthly income of a maximum of €893 a month.

Only 0.8% of self-employed non-company workers earn more than three times the lowest-band maximum, or a gross monthly income exceeding €2,679.

One in five sole traders emply at least one other person, or 21.6% of the total, a growth of 0.7% of the total on 2015, with the overall figure of one-man bands becoming employers increasing by 4% in the last year.

Over the course of 2016, Spain's self-employed – sole traders and companies – created an net average of 193 jobs a day, or 45,011 throughout the year, in addition to the 25,479 who started working for sole traders or small companies on a self-employed basis themselves, giving a total of 70,490.


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Heledaw said:
04 March 2017 @ 08:13

I've met many self-employed people who do not declare all their earnings - working cash-in-hand. I'm constantly amazed that the tax office doesn't investigate returns that show, for example, an annual income of less that 5000€ pa but they don't appear to.

So much easier to tax the honest people or pensioners who don't/can't hide their incomes.

And everyone who pays these people to avoid the ridiculously high IVA are just as equally to blame.

adimapamida said:
04 March 2017 @ 10:17

I am self-employed. The people who are self employed and pay autonoma but dont declare all their earnings are not the problem. The people who work without paying social security are the ones who kill me. I pay 4 taxes!!! (Social security, iva and irpf on my local and irpf on my income). A lerson who works without signing up at social security pays none of these. This is my last year doing this activity because i realized i am never going to get ahead.

marelison said:
04 March 2017 @ 10:46

"Black money.." are on full power into the economic and goes round and round. You pay IVA with black money in shops, bars or markets. - Cash money are paid to employers also to avoid to much paperwork and so on in maybe short version of work, like fixing cars for people in a home garage. But all money goes more or less into the economic environment in the end and gives full taxes all around.

Mar Elison, Iceland

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