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Rajoy invested as president despite 15 socialists breaking the rules and voting 'no'
30 October 2016 @ 09:03

MARIANO Rajoy (PP) has successfully got through his sixth round of voting this year to become president of Spain for another term, governing in a minority with 137 seats out of 350.

As before, the PP itself voted in favour – 134 members of the party plus three others from UPN-Navarra and the Asturian Forum, who stood in coalition with the right-wing party in the last general election – plus Ciudadanos, another 32, and the sole MP for the Canarian Coalition.

Voting against were 67 members of Unidos Podemos and 15 from the non-affiliated group who had been part of other parties before the elections such as the socialists and Unidos Podemos.

The non-affiliated group included Valencian party Compromís (four in total), two from the Basque party EH-Bildu, one from Nueva Canarias and eight from the Catalunya-based party PDECat.

Also voting against were nine members of the Catalunya Left Republicans (ERC), the five members of the Basque National Party, PNV – and 15 socialists.

The other 68 socialists duly abstained as instructed by their Federal Committee, although two of these – Murcia's María González Veracruz and Asturias' Adriana Lastra – did so under protest, using the formula 'abstain by imperative', so as not to suffer the consequences of 'disobeying' their party.


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Falcón said:
30 October 2016 @ 09:47

Currently, Mariano Rajoy is the person more intelligent that can advise the country Spain.

midasgold said:
30 October 2016 @ 10:03

The interesting thing is that the Spanish economy has done
better WITHOUT any government than it did with. Solution -
sack the lot and save a fortune !

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