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Primary school asks parents to provide six toilet rolls per child due to 'budget shortage'
18 October 2016 @ 11:15

A SCHOOL in the province of Toledo has asked every parent to send in six toilet rolls per child due to 'lack of funds'.

Mums and dads of pupils at the Rafael García Valiño primary school in the town of Yepes were most annoyed when they received the annual list of school material they would need to buy for their children and saw it included toilet paper.

“They told us there's no budget for it, which seems surreal. What next? That we have to provide chalk for the blackboard? Every pupil to bring a bottle of heating fuel? Is this how things work now – seriously?” demanded one of the mums on Facebook, posting a photo of the list.

“The poor teacher has had to take all the flak – naturally, because he's the messsenger – but who is actually responsible for this? More than anything so they can give us an explanation and, of course, we'll have to write to complain to the education authorities. I'm furious!” concluded mother Carmen Contreras on her Facebook post.

Parents' collective outrage has reached the ears of the local council, where the PSOE (socialists), in opposition, has criticised the right-wing PP-led local government.

In a Facebook post, PSOE Yepes wrote: “It's pitiful how parents of primary school children in our town have to put up with a situation in which...their children have to bring six rolls of toilet paper with them since, it seems, the Rafael García Valiño centre does not have this hygiene product available .


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