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Animal-lovers force Parliamentary debate over sharp IVA hike on veterinary care
03 October 2016 @ 22:00

A MASSIVE hike in IVA on veterinary drugs and products is due for debate in Parliament tomorrow (Tuesday, October 4) thanks to ongoing pressure from animal charities, activists and vets themselves, who claim more pets are abandoned or left to suffer as a result.

IVA on veterinary treatment and products used to be in the middle bracket, which was 8% - compared with 4% for the lowest and 18% standard – until September 2012, when the standard level went up to 21% and the middle bracket to 10%.

The cost of veterinary treatment for livestock remained in the middle level, although went up from 8% to 10%, but for all other animals including pets, it shifted to the higher band, meaning an overnight hike from 8% to 21%.

Vet bills have since soared, since these were historically cheaper in Spain than in, for example, the UK and surgeries were unable to absorb the tax hike without running at a loss.

And as a result, they are struggling to make ends meet anyway, since animal owners are less likely to take their pets for treatment or check-ups due to the inflated cost.

Animal charities say the collateral effect has been four years of fewer dogs and cats spayed or neutered, more animals abandoned, fewer being given necessary vaccinations, and fewer illnesses treated.

With an estimated 48% of Spanish households being home to at least one animal, the number of people and pets who are affected by the IVA hike is significant.


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