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Britain to Brexit: 'Leave' wins despite Gibraltar's 96% 'Remain' vote and expats in Spain begin to panic
24 June 2016 @ 12:11

SPANISH press headlines this morning read Adios, Reino Unido – 'goodbye, United Kingdom' – as the British public voted to leave the European Union yesterday.

Early scrutiny of ballot papers gave 'Remain' the edge, causing right-wing UKIP leader Nigel Farage to come close to admitting defeat, 'blaming' the country's young adults for voting to stay in the EU.

But as the count continued in the early hours, Brexit edged into the lead and its slim margin, starting off at 50.8% of the votes, has grown – at the time of publication – to 51.8%.

Only Cornwall's votes were left to count at 08.00hrs this morning, but with 'Leave' having netted 1.23 million votes more than 'Remain', even if the entire population of the county voted to stay in the EU, it would not change the results.

And by 08.20hrs, it was known that Cornwall had also voted to leave, putting the final results at 17,410,742 to 'Brexit' next to 16,141,241 to 'Bremain', a difference of 1,269,501.

Every single constituency in Scotland recorded a majority vote in favour of 'Remain', with 62% of voters choosing to stay in the EU – the BBC's UK map, with 'Leave' majority constituencies coloured in blue and 'Remain' constituencies in yellow, showed Scotland completely shaded in yellow.

Around a third of Northern Ireland was blue, for 'Leave', with a 'Remain' majority in two out of three constituencies – the 'Leave' zones were in the far north of the region – and nearly 56% of Northern Irish Brits voted to remain.

Wales was predicted to vote to stay, but only the central-west coast and some cities in the industrial south did so.

London overwhelmingly voted to Remain, and some areas produced surprising results – Bristol, Norwich, Manchester, Croydon and The Wirral chose to stay, but parts of Surrey and the south coast voted to leave.

Brighton & Hove, southern Devon, and the western home counties as well as scattered parts of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire voted to stay, but other than the city of Norwich, the whole of East Anglia voted 'Leave'.

Left-wing British tabloid The Mirror predicts imminent political and financial disaster will ensue.

Prime minister David Cameron's position is now untenable, it says; Sinn Féin leader Declan Kearney says he intends to call a referendum on a 'united Ireland', since the British region will now face border controls which could affect daily commuters – and some City of London firms have considered moving to Dublin.

And SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has threatened another Scottish independence referendum, or 'IndyRef', as a route back into the EU for Britain's northernmost region.

In Gibraltar, 84% of eligible voters – as opposed to just over 72% of the UK itself – turned out to cast their ballot, and 96% of them voted to remain.

Now they have failed in their mission, many are terrified Spain will impose greater border restrictions or even attempt to regain sovereignty of the Rock, which has been British for over 300 years.



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anthomo16 said:
25 June 2016 @ 10:21

I don't understand why the panic - there is no way that we will send back any Spaniard who is working and paying taxes as for Spain she needs us for our Tourism Spain will not cut off its nose to spite its face. Please do not worry our economy will sort itself out after all we have been left with a mess to clear up first. I too have a place in Spain and this will not stop me coming as I cannot see Spain putting any tariffs on anything as it would likely turn against them.I hope to be spending the majority of my time in Spain from next year and am really looking forward to it. All I hope is that we get rid of the free loaders and I am sure most of you would welcome that too, after all Spain does not tolerate them, which is another reason why I want to live there.
Sorry about the rant, just my personal feelings,

Heledaw said:
25 June 2016 @ 11:32

Until relatively recently, Spain used to charge a higher rate of interest on house sale profits for non-Spanish owners. They were forced to stop this for EU owners. There would be no reason for Spain to reintroduce higher taxes again once the UK has left the EU for good.

However, there are a number of non-Spanish nationals living in Spain already that are not in the EU - Russian, Moroccans and Americans for example. We'd be treated the same way as they are once we leave.

DJF42 said:
25 June 2016 @ 12:12

It is day 2 of our complete collapse and as far as I can see the pound has recovered, the Footsie has recovered and the British Isles has not disappeared into an Atlantic black hole.
The main reason the Eurocrats wanted us to stay is that we were propping them up and if we go then others will want to as well, as has been proved.
The gravy train will hit the buffers.
Don't worry about your pensions or investments the EU does not have control of them and if the EU starts putting tariffs and restrictions on us do you think that we won't do the same. EG. UK Nissan car to EU 15% tariff, EU VW to UK 15% tariff, how long do you think the big business lobbyist will allow that to continue?
Trade and finance are in control and the politicians hate it even though they know it.
So sit back, enjoy the sun and sangria and see what pans out in the following two years, it really will not be as bad as the doom-sayers have predicted.

DJF42 said:
25 June 2016 @ 12:21

Another comment I forgot to add, all the little boys and girls who are now stamping their little feet and sulking in the corner because the vote didn't go there way need to remember that they voted as British Citizens, not Gibraltarians, Scots, Northern Irish, Londoners. That's democracy, so suck it up and if it is that bad go live in Russia, North Korea, I sure you can think of others.

grapow said:
25 June 2016 @ 12:43

The one absolutely critical thung which does concern us is Healthcare. Because We live here in Spain 100% of the time, we are obliged to pay our taxes here, which we are happy to do. One very helpful bi-product is that we get to receive State Healthcare here in Spain. Two quite separate pieces of legal advice has warned that this may not be maintained post Brexit.
Both my wife and I have existing health conditions which makes private healthcare impossible to obtain and the NHS in Britain refuses to treat us as we are Spanish residents! Sorry but no amount of soaking up the sun and sipping Sangria is going to calm our nerves until this matter is clarified.

Feeg said:
25 June 2016 @ 12:52

I am sure there will be very little change in our living situation now we are heading for exit, 'tho we are living in interesting times. The UK was basically forced out of the EU by arrogant and unaccountable EU leaders that entirely disregarded the sentiments of the British people. I am however pleased I did not have a vote, having been torn between loyalty to my home country and my own self-interest as a permanent resident of Spain. The two areas that could be tricky are health services and iro State Pension, yearly increases (2.5%). I am sure there will be reciprocal agreements for those EU citizens living in the UK and on the UK NHS, and ourselves living in Spain and other ex-pats in the EU.

The basic message is: No need to get into a tizz over this, all will be well, so just carry on enjoying our lives in the land of man"y"ana.

roberto123 said:
25 June 2016 @ 14:18

anthomo16 and DJF42 have both taken the words out of my mouth, well said.

jimbo7 said:
25 June 2016 @ 14:41

anthomo16, I totally agree nothing is going to change in the first year or 2 anyway. The British were buying properties way before the EU and living in Spain and will continue to do so after the EU. I am sure arrangements will be made and agreed between Spain and the UK in the near future so don.t panic.

LS7 said:
25 June 2016 @ 15:45

I Just want to add to something that I think is important to your article.... You mention areas that voted to remain and failto mention a large geographic area in the north of England which are three large areas adjacent to each other... Leeds, Harrogate and York.
All the reports I have read so far only mention that Scotland and London voted for remain and this significant block is always ignored.
Is it possible for you to amend your article to include this please.

healthyannie said:
25 June 2016 @ 17:14

Hi Grapow,
If you and your wife have transferred your rights to Spain, you may find that they will remain in place. Also, there is every chance that the Spanish government will come up with some low cost contributory scheme. There is already one in place in Communidad Valenciana. I think it costs €90 every two months.

europa1 said:
25 June 2016 @ 18:19


If like me you are gutted by the Brexit vote, you can sign the recently started Petition on the UK Parliament website - .The petition calls for a second referendum with voting threshholds as the Brexit vote did not meet those threshholds. Already 1.85 million signatures have been received and this number is growing rapidly !!

And for those who think it'll be alright on the night - be careful what you wish for

Go for it !

Charlietwice said:
25 June 2016 @ 18:44

With patronising friends like DJF42, who needs enemies?

DJF42 said:
25 June 2016 @ 18:52

Hi europa1
A little disappointed with your post, I refer you to my earlier one regarding little boys and girls stamping their feet etc.
This is as bad as the EU telling Southern Ireland to go back and vote again as we don't like your first decision, (to leave).
I sincerely hope parliament throw this out for what it is, a spat by the remainers who seem to only agree to democracy when it all goes their way.
We have a society reliant on welfare states and having their hands held by the controlling state machine.
Stand on your own two feet and feel how invigorating that is.

DJF42 said:
25 June 2016 @ 18:59

Do not understand how you believe I have been patronising, is that what telling the truth is?

europa1 said:
25 June 2016 @ 19:18

Not sure whether DJF42 is in Spain, UK , Gibraltar or Ireland but maybe he should be listening, watching and reading what is actually happening in the UK. The pound is down by 8 cents against the Euro since Wednesday night, the FTSE is still well down and Moodys have downgraded the UK outlook to negative. No one on the Brexit side has told the people what their plan is when negotiations start with Brussels ... I could go on!!

PS Wasn't Putin of Russia who supported Brexit together with Donald Trump ??

roberto123 said:
25 June 2016 @ 22:18

europa1 sounds like a bad loser, the FTSA and exchange rates are up and down all the time I am confident they will all settle down. Thank goodness we will be free of Brussels you only have to listen to Junkers comments to see what they are like
Celebrated tonight with a bottle of Camel Valley wine

mestala said:
26 June 2016 @ 08:19

Right in everything you've said...people don't like the could even be a Yorkie like it as it is...good luck to all in Spain.
Don't worry,be Happy'' the song goes

moonbeam said:
26 June 2016 @ 22:35

There is a contributory scheme to the Spanish Health System for people who do not qualify for free health care. At the moment it is 60 euros per month for under 65, and 157 euros for over 65. It does not cover everything, but fairly comprehensive. Prescriptions not included - all medication has to be paid for.

DJF42 said:
26 June 2016 @ 22:41

roberto123 & mestala,

Yes the markets and footsie have fallen, that is the "punters" taking their profits after upping the market for a stay, they will settle down and once the Euro union financial situation becomes more well known that will fall. Being held up by "quantitative easing" (printing money) by ECB.
Not a Yorkie but my sister married one and love the place, also we both served in the senior service.
I have lived in Spanish Peninsular and now in Canaries.
europ1, always look on the bright side of life, there's a song in there somewhere, don't worry, all will be well.

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