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Rajoy: “Gibraltar will still be Spanish, whether or not there is a Brexit”
17 June 2016 @ 18:16

SPAIN'S acting president Mariano Rajoy says the 'Britain Stronger In' campaign 'should not be taking place in Gibraltar', and that the Rock 'will still be Spanish whether or not there is a Brexit'.

“The campaign for this [keeping Britain in the EU] should be done in the UK and not in Gibraltar,” Rajoy protested, despite the fact that Gibraltar natives have a right to vote in the referendum and fear they would be adversely affected by a Brexit.

Although Rajoy has decided not to call a meeting with the British ambassador in Spain, Simon Manley, he says the UK authorities 'know perfectly well' that Spain is 'against the decision' for Conservative prime minister David Cameron to campaign on the Rock, and that he has 'reiterated this stance' when his cabinet told him of the official visit.

Cameron's visit has been suspended in light of the murder of pro-Remain Labour MP and popular social activist Jo Cox in what is thought to be a far-right attack by a Brexiteer described as having 'mental health problems', but this has not stopped Rajoy voicing his opinion on the planned trip.

In light of rumours that Spain may apply for joint sovereignty of Gibraltar if a Brexit vote wins, the acting PP president says it 'would be unwise to jump the gun' but stresses: “It is evident that Spain has always considered Gibraltar to be part of its national territory, and will continue to do so whatever happens in the referendum.”

“For Spain, Gibraltar will still be Spanish, whether the Brexit vote wins or loses,” he added.

Rajoy coincides with other European national leaders in believing the UK's exit from the EU would be 'bad for Britain' and for all other member States, and would constitute 'a backward step' in the Union's progress.


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midasgold said:
17 June 2016 @ 23:30

Rajoy is facing the Spanish election next week and wants to
appear strong to his people. Privately he must know he is pi55ing in the wind. Gibraltar will always be British.

midasgold said:
17 June 2016 @ 23:31


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