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Rajoy promises working days ending at 18.00hrs and Spain returning to GMT if the PP gains power again
04 April 2016 @ 13:57

ACTING president Mariano Rajoy has awoken from his apparent post-electoral stupor and begun to campaign hard for either the in-house votes or those of the public if Spain goes back to the polls in June: he has promised working days will end at 18.00hrs and the country will revert to GMT.

He has also pledged to create a 'time bank', whereby workers can build up a certain number of hours off, in a bid to balance professional and home life, and a 'quality kitemark' and tax breaks for employers who promote this, in the same lines as those who adopt good environmental practices.

The 'time bank' will mean parents can attend school meetings, care for sick children and other family-related issues which would normally require taking the day off as annual leave.

And Rajoy wants to increase paternity leave by 10 days for dads who are disabled, or whose children are, and a further 10 days for fathers with three or more children.

The earlier-finishing working hours will not include the public sector – where office staff normally finish at 15.00hrs or thereabouts, and emergency and medical services have to work around the clock – nor companies which, by definition, work at night, such as bars and nightclubs, or those which already have a shift system


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