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“Not in my name”: Spain protests over western nations bombing Syria
30 November 2015 @ 09:41

THOUSANDS of protesters took to the streets of some of Spain's largest cities yesterday (Saturday) clamouring against the west's air-strikes in Syria.

Under the slogan 'not in my name', the largest demonstration was in Madrid with well over 1,000 marchers including mayoress Manuela Carmena, actor and comedian Chechu Monzón from El Gran Wyoming, actress Pilar Bardem, actor Alberto San Juan, political parties United Left and Podemos, and the chairwoman of the Association 11-M for Terrorism Victims, Pilar Manjón.

They gathered outside the Reina Sofía art museum and read out a manifesto declaring: “If the response to these barbaric acts is to curb human rights and freedoms and barricade ourselves in our houses, terrorism can sing victory. If we respond to the pain suffered by innocent victims by provoking more pain towards other innocent victims, it will be a never-ending spiral.”

The demonstrators protested over the 'militarisation' of Spain, recalling that the Armed Forces bases in Rota and Morón, both in Andalucía, already had troops on stand-by to send out to Syria.

“Our worst possible mistake would be acting in the heat of the moment,” said councillor Mauricio Valiente of Manuela Carmena's left-wing independent party, Ahora Madrid.


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