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Spaniard who shot Zimbabwe's best-loved lion sought
28 July 2015 @ 15:38

A SPANIARD who reportedly paid guides at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park to shoot a lion who has been its star attraction for many years is being searched for by the country's authorities.

Cecil the lion, who was 13, was found headless and skinned just outside the park – meaning his killing initially appeared 'legal', but a GPS on his collar which had been attached by Oxford University showed the animal was tricked into leaving the enclosure in order to avoid problems with the law.

Using a recently-killed smaller animal as bait, Cecil was lured out of the park and then shot with a bow and arrow.

This is a technique used by hunters so they cannot be accused of killing within protected areas.

Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force boss Johnny Rodrigues says the loss of Cecil is a huge tragedy as he was a 'symbol' of the country.

And his six cubs will not survive because other male lions will kill them so that they can mate with Cecil's female partners, since lionesses will not let males mate with them when they have suckling cubs with them.

The Spaniard who killed Cecil allegedly bribed the park keepers €50,000 to be able to do so.

Although the park keepers are now behind bars, the Spaniard has not been identified or traced.

Cecil was one of 62 lions in the safari park tagged since 1999 to find out how far shooting for 'pleasure' had an impact on the wildcat population.

Of these, 34 died – 24 of them at the hands of 'leisure' shooters – in fact, 72% of adult male lions wearing GPS tags were shot dead.

Wildlife organisations are attempting to block any possible import of Cecil's head as a 'trophy'.

Between the years 2007 and 2012, Spain imported over 450 lion's heads from southern Africa, the highest number in Europe – Germany was the second-highest with 100.


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baz1946 said:
28 July 2015 @ 21:47

On tonights news July 28, it was reported that two Americans shot this lion, so it would seem that it wasn't a Spaniard after all.

This was the news mind, so anything can, and does change.

r06ert said:
29 July 2015 @ 11:00

Dr. Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, killed the famed lion on or around July 6
Cecil the Lion, 13, was thought to be lured out of national park and wounded by an arrow before he was tracked, shot dead with a gun, skinned and beheaded as a hunting trophy

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