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Famous Titanic plaque missing for a century was hanging up in Granada man's bedroom
10 July 2015 @ 12:04

A BRONZE plaque from the Titanic sold by a British antique dealer has turned up in Granada 100 years after it was given up for lost.

The plaque describes the ill-fated ship as 'the latest, largest and finest steamer afloat' and calls it 'the Queen of the Ocean', and shows that the price of crossing to New York from Southampton, London and Liverpool at third-class rates was seven pounds and nine shillings.

An art dealer in the Alhambra city had it in his possession, saying his grandfather bought it from a British man who 'needed some money' and had to sell it.

It is an alloy of silver and bronze, measuring 28.5 by 37 centimetres (11.5 by 15 inches) and weighs 1.8 kilos (about four pounds).

An interior light and a small window in the middle shows an image of the Titanic and the lamp itself and original electric cable remain intact, showing it has never been switched on in a century.

The plaque was presented to the mayor of Southampton, Lord William James Pirrie, who was also chairman of Harland and Wolff ship-builders, the creators of the Titanic, by the Royal Mail Steamship Union on April 9, 1912.

At the time, the presentation made front-page news.

Back in 2003, a British man sold it to a Barcelona art dealer, and neither the vendor nor the buyer knew anything of its history or origins.

The Barcelona dealer's grandson Leo Lorenzo Sancho, a self-confessed Titanic 'fanatic' who owns a similar shop in Granada, was in his grandfather's premises in Barcelona at the time and overheard the conversation.

He surprised his granddad by buying it from him 'to hang up in his bedroom'.


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