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Ciudadanos and PP disagree over legalising drugs and prostitution
04 May 2015 @ 12:21

DEBATE has opened across Spain's main political parties over legalising – or decriminalising – certain currently-illegal drugs, with centre-right Ciudadanos calling for 'more information and control' and the right-wing PP being dead against harmful substances getting any legal protection.

“The aim is not for drug consumption to proliferate, but the opposite – reduce and eradicate drug-use by informing, controlling and monitoring,” says Albert Rivera (pictured), leader of Ciudadanos.

He referred to certain countries in Europe where 'soft' drugs have been made legal, something he does not consider 'a good criterion in general', but stresses that some 'drugs' have always been legal including alcohol and tobacco.

“These are drugs in the sense that they are addictive and harmful,” Rivera points out.

“When I say 'legalise', I don't mean 'approving' or 'being in favour' of them, but to regulate certain aspects of them – look for solutions rather than turning a blind eye.”

Rivera has also discussed 'regulating' prostitution, which has attracted criticism from other parties towards him.

“We could act like ostriches, stick our heads in the sand, carry on being hypocritical and continue to allow human trafficking to happen behind closed doors. Or we could regulate this activity for those who practise it so that they have basic rights and do not suffer exploitation,” said Rivera in an interview on radio station Onda Cero.

He has criticised the current reigning PP, at local, regional and national level, for failing to respond or outright refusing to talk to his party.

“There's a lack of vision in this country. Spain is about to change dramatically, it needs to change dramatically, nobody is going to enjoy absolute majorities any longer, and this is the situation whether the PP likes it or not,” Rivera stated categorically.


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