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Spaniards in Britain targeted by racist thugs on Manchester bus
22 February 2015 @ 13:43

TWO Spanish men suffered a violent racist attack on a Manchester bus this week when a young woman who was said to be 'very drunk and excitable' began punching them and telling them to 'go home'.

At least one other man joined her in the brawl at around 05.00 just after they had all boarded the bus at Piccadilly.

The video, taken by a doorman from Northern Ireland, has gone viral on

Witnesses – backed up by the film footage – say two young women were 'very drunk' and 'mouthing off at anyone and everyone', and that they were with at least two other men who were in a similar state.

One of the men 'had dried blood on his face' and looked as though he had already been in a fight.

Ross Thompson, 23, who filmed the incident, said a man and a woman in the group – who appeared to be a couple – were rowing very loudly and the man threatened to 'break the woman's jaw'.

Other passengers tried to calm the situation down, including two men in their 20s or 30s who had been speaking in Spanish and, judging by their accents on the video, were likely to be from Spain rather than Latin America.


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