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First endangered bearded vulture born in Cazorla nature reserve
19 February 2015 @ 10:27

AN ENDANGERED bird of prey has been born in the province of Jaén - the first chick of 2015 - and in exactly the same sanctuary where the oldest one of its species died last year.

The bearded vulture (Gypaetus Barbatus) - whose name in Spanish, quebrantahuesos, literally translates as 'bone-cracker' - is rare to see nowadays, but the Guadalentín District Breeding Centre in Cazorla says the first chick of the year was born on Monday at 10.40hrs.

She is the second 'child' of the bearded vulture couple Lázaro and Nava's five offspring, the first of whom, Viola, was set free this month in the Cazorla nature reserve at nearly three years old.

Viola now has a partner - bearded vultures are among the bird species known to be monogamous, taking one full-time 'life' partner like humans do - and has settled down and nested in Castril, in the province of Granada.

Bearded Vulture couples have laid nine eggs so far this year at the Cazorla centre, which are waiting to hatch, but the number may increase because another hen is due to lay imminently.

The Cazorla Bearded Vulture Breeding Centre opened in December 1996 with the aim of increasing the population and releasing them into the wild under controlled conditions, as well as building up a genetic 'stock' to ensure the species' survival.


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