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Airport security enhanced over 'cannibal drug'
08 July 2014 @ 09:57

AIRPORTS in Spain have stepped up vigilance in light of reports of a 'cannibalistic' drug which induces extremely violent behaviour in those who take it.

Metiendioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is said to have been sighted in the Balearic Islands, particularly in tourist havens popular with young adults for their nightlife.

A psychoactive drug and noradrenaline and dopamine recapture inhibitor, it is known in English as Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Blessing, White Lightning, Magic, Maddie, Black Rob, Super Coke and Peeve, among other names.

It is a stimulant with effects similar to those of cocaine and speed, and can cause anxiety, agitation, violent or suicidal conduct, cannibalistic behaviour, paranoia and hallucinations.

Physical effects include tachycardia, headaches, high blood pressure, raised body temperature, nausea and kidney colic.

These can descend into rhabdomyolysis – when the skeletal muscles contract and relax violently and at speed, breaking off and contaminating the system – as well as convulsions, kidney and liver failure, metabolic acidosis, and breathing and lung problems severe enough to require artificial respiration.


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