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Ibiza slams British Consulate's tourist safety posters claiming 'walking home alone could cost you your life'
02 July 2014 @ 14:18

A CONTROVERSIAL 'health and safety for tourists' flyer handed out to Ibiza holidaymakers has led to tension between town councils and the British Consulate.

Posters put up in the popular resort town of Sant Antoni de Portmany show price tags next to warnings about what not to do on the island to show 'what it could cost' not following advice.

This shows a figure of 5,000 pounds (around 6,250 euros) next to the heading, 'Check you're covered before you hit the road', telling tourists they should make sure their insurance policy covers them before hiring a quad or a moped.

According to the price tags next to the other three warnings, not heeding these 'could cost you your life', the posters claim.

In light of the reckless alcohol-fuelled stunt known as 'balconing' – where northern European youths try to jump from their hotel windows into the pool, a practice which killed nine tourists last year – the Consulate tells visitors to Ibiza, 'don't fool around on balconies. Use your balcony sensibly and safely, so the view you see won't be your last'.

Councillors and regional government members concede the British authorities have a point in this respect, but take exception to the other dire predictions on the posters.

“Don't walk home alone: Stick with your friends. Don't walk home alone or with someone you don't trust. Price: It could cost you your life,” claims the flyer.

Additionally, it reads: “Keep an eye on your drink: It only takes a second for your night out to turn into a nightmare. Price: It could cost you your life.”

As well as politicians, bosses of hotels, bars, restaurants and other tourism-related industries call the campaign 'suicidal', 'exaggerated', 'pathetic', 'brutal' and 'counter-productive'.



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