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Emails between Urdangarín and Torres 'show King Juan Carlos and the Infanta were involved' in Aizoon and Nóos
02 July 2014 @ 10:01

EMAILS between the Duke of Palma and his co-director Diego Torres apparently incriminating outgoing King Juan Carlos in the infamous public funding embezzlement case in which the latter's younger daughter, the Duchess of Palma is also set to be charged.

Torres has provided the judge with copies of eight emails between himself and the Duke, Iñaki Urdangarín in connection with the former's 'front' company Aizoon, in which the Duchess of Palma – also known as the Infanta Cristina - has a 50 per cent stake.

Aizoon is said to be intrinsically linked to the Nóos Institute, which was set up as a non-profit organisation to promote sports and culture but from which its directors were said to be milking a healthy living by laundering funds through Aizoon, a firm with no known business activity.

The Nóos Institute benefited from public funding from the regional governments of Valencia and the Balearics, based upon it being effectively a charity rather than a business.

In the first of the eight emails, dated October 1, 2007, Urdangarín's comments hint at his wife, the Infanta Cristina was actively involved in the 'business' of Aizoon despite her claiming she was merely a sleeping partner and simply 'signed what her husband told her to sign' without question.

The message from Urdangarín to Torres says he had received a message from the King via the Infanta saying he would ring 'Camps', the then president of the Comunidad Valenciana.

This was a year after the Royal household allegedly requested the Duke and Duchess dropped their dealings with the Nóos Institute as it feared something could go wrong in terms of taxes or finances.

A further reply on the same thread mentioned that a well-known Basque Country tycoon had asked to go out for a coffee with the Infanta to 'explain' an issue to her that he 'could not tell her about over the phone', which Urdangarín described as 'mysterious but could be important'.



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