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Christopher Colombus' ship found by divers near Haïti
15 May 2014 @ 14:51

CHRISTOPHER Colombus' boat may have been found submerged in the Caribbean close to Haïti, reports claim.

A team of experts in the United States, led by marine archaeologist Barry Clifford believes the remains of a ship found on the sea bed are those of the Santa María, one of the three that crossed the Atlantic in 1492.

Named after the Cádiz province port town of El Puerto de Santa María, the ship was lent to Colombus by the then Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Fernando, the couple who started the Inquisition and ousted the last of the Moors.

Whilst Colombus travelled to the Americas in the Santa María, two other, smaller boats – the Pinta and the Niña – followed on with supplies.

Historically, when he touched down on dry land, the first part of the Americas Colombus set foot in is what is now the capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.

Clifford's team has been analysing the shipwreck for more than 10 years and say the size, design and location as described in notes handwritten by Colombus all point to the fact this is indeed his vessel. 


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