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'Deluded' captor of Bárcenas' family is 'delighted' at going to prison in Spain
27 October 2013 @ 18:37

THE man who broke into the family home of ex-PP treasurer and senator Luis Bárcenas and tied up and threatened his wife, son and housekeeper says he 'cannot wait' to go to prison.

According to police, the accused, 64, also recently tried to set fire to a petrol station in Cuenca, and says, “Going to prison seems a brilliant idea. In Spanish prisons, you get hot meals.”

Enrique Olivares García, who refused to testify but apparently 'talked non-stop' during his interview at the police station, is said to have a mental illness which leaves him 66 per cent disabled, and psychiatric reports fully supported this.

Although Bárcenas' wife Rosalía Iglesias, who suffered an hour tied up at gunpoint with her son Guillermo and their cleaner, said the attacker was 'not mad at all' and that the ordeal he put the family through 'was perfectly planned'.

Olivares García is said to have been arrested for the first time when he was 18, in 1967, for aggravated robbery, and later for drug-dealing, fraud and criminal damage, the most recent being in 1999 in an attempted arson attack on a service station in the province of Cuenca.

He spent 20 years living in Latin America and has been in prisons in México and Argentina, and although he claimed he had been a member of Sandinist Army in Nicaragua, investigators say this is not true and is merely one of his psychotic delusions.  


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