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Gib tug-of-war: Rock PM 'delighted' at Spain's threat to go to UN and Cameron announces 'possible' legal action
13 August 2013 @ 10:50

GIBRALTARIAN government leader Fabián Picardo has responded to Spain's decision to appeal for United Nations help in their wrangling over the British-owned enclave, saying, 'go for it'.

“Spain's foreign affairs minister seems to be considering referring the issues in the dispute between Gibraltar and Britain, and Spain, to the international courts,” Picardo commented yesterday. (Monday).

“[He] appears to have realised at last that this is the sensible and civilised way to resolve conflicts, as opposed to his illegitimate and over-the-top border inspections.”

Picardo says Spanish authorities' behaviour is merely 'taking it out on innocent people' and turning them into 'victims of unjustifiable political pressure'.

He 'urges' Spain to 'go ahead', adding that all legislation relating to the territorial tensions would be considered carefully by judges handling the case – including the 'application of the inalienable right' of the people of Gibraltar to 'self-determination'.


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Roy Leon said:
17 August 2013 @ 08:56

I have read a lot about the border dispute and saw the reference to 6 hour delays.
I have to say that I left Morrisons with my daughter and 2 grandchildren at 13:30 on Saturday 27th. July and we escaped at precisely 21:30. That's was 8 hours and there were many hundreds more in the same 8 hour queue.
The Gibraltarians were exemplary, On scooters, mopeds, Bikes and on foot they delivered tens of thousands of bottles of cold water to all drivers in the queue.
The Guardia Civile were also most helpful. They were ordered to stop and
search every car. They did this very quickly and very efficiently. I am sure that they did not enjoy their day either.
And all because a Spanish Minister ordered this chaos to prove his position of power. All those thousands of people, including Spanish who work in Gib were inconvenienced because of this popinjays ill considered actions.
Garcia-Margallo behaved like a despotic African dictator.
If Rajoy had any Chutzpah he would sack this minister for gross abuse of power.
If there is any grounds for dispute it should be taken to the European Courts and debated and RESOLVED there.
Sincerely Roy Leon

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