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The Bretón murder trial: Round-up of 'witness week'
01 July 2013 @ 19:05

ON THE eve of the 11th day of the Bretón trial, evidence appears to be closing in on the father-of-two accused of killing his children on a bonfire in his parents' orchard after reporting them missing in October 2011.

Ruth, six, and brother José, two, were picked up from the family home in Huelva by their father José Bretón (pictured) on October 8 that year for his first weekend access visit after his wife and the mother of his children, Ruth Ortiz, announced she wanted a divorce.

He took them to Córdoba, where he had moved to as a result of the separation and where his family lived, and later that day reported that they had gone missing in the Cruz Conde park in the city.

Bones were later found on the remains of a bonfire, carefully constructed with flammable materials, bricks and a metal table-top to raise the temperature to 1,200ºC, and were said to be those of human children of the same ages and genders as Ruth and José junior after four different forensics had examined them.

The jury – comprising men and women in equal numbers – were said to have been moved to tears by mother Ruth's statement in the early days of the trial.....



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