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Spain Real Estate News

What's really happening in the real estate world in Spain? The EOS Team are going to be keeping you up to date with everything that's happening from a market perspective.

Spanish property prices will continue to fall, says Bankinter
20 November 2011

According to Bankinter’s latest report on the housing market in Spain, housing prices will fall an additional 6% up to the end of 2013, making an adjustment of 30% in real terms from their peak, and only begin to rise again in early 2014, when the economy is capable of generating employment and demand recovers.


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Spain's real estate boom and bust - Facts and figures
20 November 2011

Spain's likely new centre-right government is studying steps to jump-start a real estate market that has dragged on the economy ever since a decade-long bubble burst almost five years ago.

The People's Party, expected to win Sunday's general election by a generous margin, is proposing more tax breaks for home buyers and measures to stimulate the rental market. But experts say a policy on banks' worrying exposure to troubled property assets is also needed.

Following are some facts about Spain's property sector:


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Benalup: The Spanish boom town that went bust
20 November 2011

Benalup used to be thriving but now has the worst levels of unemployment in a country on brink of economic collapse.

The shiny Audis and BMWs that still line the narrow streets of Benalup are a reminder that this Andalucían country town once boasted the greatest number of luxury cars per head in the south-western province of Cádiz.

These days this charming place, set bull-rearing countryside inland from Gibraltar, holds a different kind of record: not only the worst unemployment rate in the country, but the worst in Europe.

"I don't know whether they can fix this," said 19-year-old Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, one of hundreds of young people who dropped out of school and now drift between part-time work, training courses and the dole queue. "I've picked asparagus and worked in a packing factory, but the jobs never last. The future is screwed."

"Everyone our age is out of work," agreed Nora Pérez, 22, as she waited for the hearse bringing her grandmother to her funeral in the picturesque square of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. "My father went to Germany when he was young. Our generation may emigrate as well. Some of my friends have already left."


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Spain Banks Hold $243 Billion in ‘Troubled’ Property Risk
03 November 2011

Spanish banks, saddled with 176 billion euros ($243 billion) in “troubled” holdings in the real-estate industry, face an “uncertain setting” because of a weak economy that may mean their bad loans will rise, the Bank of Spain said.


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