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Spain Real Estate News

What's really happening in the real estate world in Spain? The EOS Team are going to be keeping you up to date with everything that's happening from a market perspective.

Spain's real estate boom and bust - Facts and figures
20 November 2011 @ 21:26

Spain's likely new centre-right government is studying steps to jump-start a real estate market that has dragged on the economy ever since a decade-long bubble burst almost five years ago.

The People's Party, expected to win Sunday's general election by a generous margin, is proposing more tax breaks for home buyers and measures to stimulate the rental market. But experts say a policy on banks' worrying exposure to troubled property assets is also needed.

Following are some facts about Spain's property sector:


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Property for sale in Spain said:
28 January 2012 @ 12:07

To stimulate the market there needs to be clear guidelines on the rental process so that everyone pays tax. I think that if you rent your property through an agent, then there should be a process where the agent informs the government each time the property is let and for how much. They also inform the government of the owner's name, address and nie. They should then have to fill out and expenses form or a tax return each year and there should be a tax of 20% paid on any figure over €3000 earned.
Then they should remove iva on new property purchases and reduce resale iva to 4%.
This would stimulate the property market no end.

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