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The Spanish Personality
Sunday, December 14, 2008 @ 6:28 PM

What better way to really get to know the spanish people, then to ‘gossip’ a bit about their way of life and general habits.


            It’s obvious that one can not speak in general that easily, as we all have our own personality. Personalities that can be very different, even more so when we look at people in the different regions of Spain


               But apart from these differences, we can define the Spanish in their social relationships, as extrovert, sociable, friendly,… We can be quite familiar quite fast so don’t feel strange when people present themselves giving you 2 kisses and from that point on act in a familiar way with you, as if you have known eachother for a while already. We like to hugg, take eachother by the arm or give pets on eachothers’ backs. In this respect, when we meet a foreigner, we treat them as ‘one of us’ without really thinking about the possible reaction to our enthusiasm. We try to be as inviting and friendly as possible, trying to make your integration more comfortable and easy.


            We, Spanish people, like to come together with our friends and family mostly in bars, to have breakfast, to have some ‘tapas’ or just to enjoy a few ‘cañas’ (=small cold beers)…and this can get quite noisy! Why do Spanish people talk so loud? Trying to understand the story one of your friends is telling, can be quite a challenge. And when it’s time to pay the bill, it is not common that everyone pays for his own consumptions. Normally everyone pays a ‘round’, inviting the others for a drink, but, of course, in the end everybody  pays ‘una ronda’. And if not, we just divide the bill equally.


            Regarding our social ways, we are not too fond on formalities and when we enter a discussion with someone we don’t know, we tend to say ‘tu’ instead of the more polite and formal ‘usted’. Except when we speak to elderly people or people with a more important social status or professional activity.


            Spanish people are active, they can easily change their minds or future plans, not really constant and therefore a bit unpredictable. We are independent and in some occasions reluctant to collective ideas or propositions. We only agree if we are convinced ourselves. 


             In the way we communicate, we are emotional, inpredictable and spontaneous.


Also real typical are our loud monologues. They occur when 2 friends meet eachother and one asks the other: ‘Hi, how is everything? How are the kids?’ And the other one responds: ‘…and what have you been up to?’ How are you?’ Your family okay?’ Then probably the other one says: ‘I’m fine, thank you,…’ to continue their ‘dialogue of monologues’. ‘Well, my kid is ill with a swollen throat. You should see the poor girl, she has been in bed for days….’ To what the other one responds ‘Uf, well my kid also got the flue! She missed one week of school!’ The other one: ‘If she stays ill like this I’ll have to take her to see a doctor’ while the second one continues: ‘well, I had to wait for 2 hours before they atended us in the doctors’ office!’…. These conversations can go on for a while, with both speaking at the same time. Until one suddenly says: ‘Well I hope everything stays well for you’’, they kiss and go each on their own way. 


Although we have good personal relationships, we sometimes can have a bit of a short and intensive ‘character’. We are very little suspicious, and credulous enough in ourselves if people trust in us.


            We are ‘utopical’. The good development of our imagination makes us very creative, something that is noticeable in Spanish arts.


Spanish people live the present without looking back at the past too much. We love innovation and change.


            We take important decisions fast which can result in some of  them being wrong and irreversible.


But when we’re confronted with serious problems we react with generosity and good improvisation skills.


Regarding the workplace, I won’t say we are the hardest workers in the world but we are not lazy neither!


            Ah! A special detail just occured to me. In general, an average spanish citizen would rather die of hunger than to give in to his ‘keeping up appearances’. Nothing will stop him to get the latest model of cellphones, the newest dvd-player or clothes from important brands…Even if this involves owing money and having debts or reaching the limit of his creditcard. Then he’ll just work a few extra lousy jobs and works 20 hours a day. No big deal.  


            So, if you are a foreigner in Spain, remember that you can get to know us personaly, we’ll take you in with open arms,…You now also know that we can be contradictive and that we love change… just so you are well prepared!











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Jacqui said:
Monday, December 15, 2008 @ 12:38 PM


What a wonderful insight into the Spanish personality. I see many examploes of the noisy conversation and monologues at our golf club, the Spanish groups are so much louder than us Brits, even when there are only 2 spaniards to 6 English. At first I found this a bit over-powering, whereas now, I just accept it for what it is and enjoy the friendliness of our new friends, so many of whom are helping me with my Spanish.

I look forward to more of your observations.


Maria said:
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 @ 1:35 PM

Yes Marta... incredible insight! For sure! Please keep the writing!

Steve said:
Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 11:30 AM

Excellent insight. Thanks

Kaja said:
Monday, December 28, 2009 @ 11:13 PM

Wow, this was really good. I needed a description of a Spanish person and this totally helped :0


roy said:
Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 5:21 AM

I think it's fine that people of all ethnic backgrouds cread, color can speak as they please. i'm thankfull to these groups that they don't alow themselves to be pushed around like they have for years, lets not forget where were coming from. My question is, would you rather all minoreties be so timid and submisive that you can do what you ever want with them? or is realy the land of the free where indians,blacks,hispanics, whites, have fought and served and even gave their lives for ? think about it , some of the finest people iv'e known are of another ethnic background ; also there is good and bad in all races. Most of the time you can't judge a book by it's cover because there is so many things we don't know right off hand. No two people are alike eather, like a dimond a person no matter what color has differant sides.

Daniel said:
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 7:53 PM

I´m a Spaniard and I´m not the type you describe at all. I´m hard worker, driven, and don´t like go to drink "cañas" (small beer glasses).


yusuf said:
Sunday, April 18, 2010 @ 12:26 PM

this information didi not help me alot ..... but thanks anyway

jorge peterman said:
Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 4:34 PM

I'm afraid someof these "character traits" are absolute nonsense:

Spanish people are often friendly when they first meet you. But this "friendliness" should not be misunderstood with trying to help "foreiners" integrate. For example, in the workplace Spanish people are anything but open to foreigners, even if they've lived in the country for most of their lives. They prefer "one of their own".

Spanish arts are not exactly known for their creativity or innovation in the international artworld. Exactly the opposite.

Spain is without doubt the most traditionally minded and culturally insulated country I've ever lived in. The world stops at its frontiers. And I've lived in quite a few countries in Europe and elsewhere.

jorge peterman said:
Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 4:38 PM

As for working hard or not. Official statistics say they have just about the lowest productivity in Europe. Make your own mind up.

jorge peterman said:
Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 7:50 PM

As for working hard or not. Official statistics say they have just about the lowest productivity in Europe. Make your own mind up.

sheila said:
Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 9:04 AM

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Tushar said:
Sunday, October 24, 2010 @ 7:28 PM

Thanks for the write-up. With lot of Spanish neighbors around, I wanted to know about the Spanish personality. And your article helped!

Scot said:
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 2:58 AM

Astounded by Shiela's ignorant and offensive post.
With Spanish wife and semi daughter I have lived in this country for quite some years and I entirely endorse Jorge's initial comment.

totty said:
Thursday, December 16, 2010 @ 10:15 PM

just want to say That I agree with Jorge. least creative personalities I have ever met. Not free thinkers - follow the group. Friendly only because they don-t mean it. much hablar por hablar. Not sure about saying that the world stops at the frontiers, more like the front door or the tele. Rude. Falso and would steel your grave unless someone was to find out so then they would need to protect thier image and so may not steel it.. Don.t want to down them too much but basicly non inspiring race with absolutly no depth to their personalities - just a personal opinion. The article is not how they are but rather all that they have learnt about themselves themselves, so also adding not spiritual evolved.

Nathalie Z. said:
Thursday, February 3, 2011 @ 9:31 PM

Okay, I gree some info you put is acurate.
BUT!!! I'm living in Spain now for 6 years now and sorry, I don't really like the copuntry or culture. Everyone has his own taste.

1. You are very, very cruel to animals!!! Especially to greyhounds!!! I SAVED 8 OF THEM!!!! And, I am sitting with one right now beside me.

2. The education level is painfully LOW! I go to high school here, and it was devastating. I came here for 6 grade primary school, and I was the genius, when I am usually the casual-thinking person.

3. The loud talking, not good. I is very irritating when you ehar a very frog-like voice (made by smoking a lot) down the street in the comfort of your home.

4. The lack of respect is something I'l never get over. I find respect towards other people very important, and here, I can just throw it to the trash can! When I cale my teacher 'profesor' he gawked at me, speechless and numb. That was something that happened a lot.

5. Being a foreigneir, it hurt me deeply. You love musulmans, but despise anyone else. I am a Polish-Canadian, and my life here, was FULL of discrimination, insults, I even had to result to violence because the teachers "couldn't do anything" they said to my parents.

Sorry, this is my point of view, and those who haven't been in Spain, CAN'T JUDGE!!!!

Being on vacation is something absolutely different!
I was here on vacation before moving here, and it was like Heaven, until we moved here...

i live near Toledo, for 6 years now, but this summer, i'm leavign forever and back to Canada to continue my studies in a higher level.

presley said:
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 @ 6:47 PM

Im spanish and not everything is good in Spain. Sometimes I even think to myself 'am I spanish?'. Everything in Spain is so superficial. They seem to be very friendly but for them it's very difficult to have a deeper relationship with somebody who is apart from their long time group of people. They are very jealous of somebody they see different in a good way. But at the same time they like foreigners because they find them exotic. So it doesnt really matter if you are a good or a bad person because if you are a foreigner their arms are opened. They are also very competitive with marks at school and university but in a bad way. If you are more intelligent than most of them, instead of thinking Im going to be better than you, they start to bother you and of course you are in the 'weird' group of class. Im very sociable and extrovert but I suffered from bully at school. I also love dogs because Ive never really had friends here. Even foreign men feel more attracted by me than spanish guys who must think they have the best of the best in women when its not true. Then you can explain to yourselves why they have many plastic surgery done. Because they are jealous people.
And of course most of the people who have good jobs here its because they have good connections not because of their qualification marks.
So not everything is nice in Spain.

Arabian said:
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 @ 9:23 PM

it is hard to generalize, but i believe each culture has peculiur "sins" and virtus..
I have been in spain for 20 years! i speak spanish almost 100% like native, At first they are friendly when compared to north europe, but then..
The biggest problem here in Spain is Envey, all culture have it..
but here it is very very very high.. unless you are poor jobless and " ugly " then they can be nice with you.. it depends on your circumstances. If you are talented then you will suffer.. they are open to foreigners? no , depends, on what nationality,
naunces matter. Spanish like others but as i say their sin is envey i mean it is a topic, google spanish people and envey. Maybe because till recently they were "poorer" than others european etc.. although they have good quality they are less materialistic than many other country , open too for conversation (general one though), than other, again we compare against "other" cultures.. etc etc..
the real problem wich is deeply rooted is envey, politness , closed against foriengners etc.. but these are not big deal.. it is envey envey envey. I have helped many of them in many ways , not even thankful, i swear .. you can dedicate a lot of hour, be subtle in helping them , and they at most, some of them woud give you cheap bottle of wine.

Arabian said:
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 @ 2:47 AM

it is hard to generalize, but i believe each culture has peculiur "sins" and virtus..
I have been in spain for 20 years! i speak spanish almost 100% like native, At first they are friendly when compared to north europe, but then..
The biggest problem here in Spain is Envey, all culture have it..
but here it is very very very high.. unless you are poor jobless and " ugly " then they can be nice with you.. it depends on your circumstances. If you are talented then you will suffer.. they are open to foreigners? no , depends, on what nationality,
naunces matter. Spanish like others but as i say their sin is envey i mean it is a topic, google spanish people and envey. Maybe because till recently they were "poorer" than others european etc.. although they have good quality they are less materialistic than many other country , open too for conversation (general one though), than other, again we compare against "other" cultures.. etc etc..
the real problem wich is deeply rooted is envey, politness , closed against foriengners etc.. but these are not big deal.. it is envey envey envey. I have helped many of them in many ways , not even thankful, i swear .. you can dedicate a lot of hour, be subtle in helping them , and they at most, some of them woud give you cheap bottle of wine.

Someone said:
Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 2:45 PM

@SRE: I suppose it's the language barrier and the novelty that makes you think that everything's wonderful because egocentricity, individualism, and so on also exist in Spain. Saying that "me, my family, our achievements, our accomplishments, our new house, our new baby, OUR everything" don't exist in Spain is absurdly naive, in fact if you do manage to learn the language and get live in a block of flats and talk to neighbours in an average neighbourhood then status symbols, envy, and gossip are the first three things you come across. Spain has a supposedly socialist government but they're carrying out all the reforms on the IMF's checklist because, yes, the country is in debt and banks are in trouble because families have taken on mortgages for absurdly priced flats that they can't pay when their total income is about 2000 euros a month. If you try to get a job and want to earn something more than 1000 euros a month then you need to be exceptionally good or need to know someoneand usually it's the second. Your ability in the workplace is measured by how well you know the boss or how many hours your work, not by the actual quality of your work. At the beginning Spain looks very exciting with what appear to be gregarious, open-minded people who work to live instead of living to work and so on, but it I'm afraid that's just the facade. Live on a diet of Belen Esteban and football for a week, work 9+ hours a day, have pocket-money left at the end of the month and take on loans that you can't afford and you'll have a good idea of what life is like for the great majority of working Spaniards. If you ever last long enough in Spain to have a family you'll be constantly relying on family members (which you'll have less of as your family is back in your home country) to take care of the children midweek when they're not in nursery and school (and the PISA report shows that the Spanish school system is the worse in the western world) and then the weekend is gone before you know it and most of that will be taken up by meals with the Spanish side family. Perhaps this is why there are so many young Spanish emigrants.

Spanish said:
Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 5:38 PM

Dear all :

I am spanish and I don't like spanish at all, I want to move abroad in order to change my personality, conditionated by spanish education.

When Napoleon arrived to spain says: " Spanish are mob of ignorant and brutalized villagers dominated by priests"

I think they still are. Jelousy is the national sport, therefore, mobbing is the way they live. You finally are rude by default in order to avoid constant attacks.

Historically ill country, ruled by either dictatorships or monopolies in catholic groups hands, which has pseudo-slavery and strict control of the information.

This is the natural result of his history. Jesus Company (only ruling power until the beginning of XX century) was formed to dominate by force the New World, as a response to the Luther Reformation.

Today, Opus Dei and Jesus Company are the ruling powers. There is a lack of productivity, since monopolies along the line, and intellectual desert.

New ideas are severely punished. Corruption is so usual, people admire thieves. You see that someone who steal 1 billion EUR, after jail, creates his own political party.

Of course, pleople still like to see how others are burned in public. Modern term is "heart magazines", all TV channels just shows this bull shit.

Antonio Muñoz Molina says "The unconfortable thing about Spain is the permanent barbarism and coarse the rude in relationships".

In my opinion, is not part of Europe. Still under development country that admires the thieves. No values, no principles, José Ortega y Gasset point out that.

This is the result of Catholic Chuch domination.

Spanish said:
Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 6:11 PM

But we need to understand that this Cain turpitude is conditionated by and extremely oppresive government for over centuries.

Franco is not the same as Hitler. Franco is the natural government form in spanish lands; not an accident as Hitler, a desperate way to find quick solutions to problems.

This is the reason why nobody can speak abiut Franco, is taboo topic. Too many people think he was great.

Here a great social picture:

From one of best living person in Spain.

SPAIN! said:
Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 7:25 AM

Well I AM Spanish and i completly agree with all of this! all these people who have negatively commented on the article or on Spain has probably not lived outside of Spain enough to appreciate what Spain has to offer. its in spains blood to live in the present and enjoy every moment to the max...

In Spain we WORK TO LIVE ... where in others such as canada and USA .. they LIVE TO WORK

hasta luego amigos!!!!

Visit SPAIN!

Spanish said:
Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 12:27 PM

Ortega y Gasset, author of the best selling spanish book in history "Revolt of the masses" (after "Don Quijote"), describes very well the spanish personality traits. I encourage people to read it. He study the history of the country, very objective and deep view.

Here some references to check:

Based on UNESCO information, if Luther Reformation brings the Middle Ages to a close, we can say that Spain remains in the Middle Ages (aristocracy+church despotic rule).

Amazingly, no one dictator in british colonies, but in the spanish: Hugo Chávez, Perón, Pinochet, Fidel Castro and probably many others. I guess that fact says something about the spanish domination and, therefore, personality traits shaped by it.

history said:
Saturday, July 9, 2011 @ 8:04 PM

Here a very accurate description:

Katty said:
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 @ 5:55 AM

Ok, I got it. Lets don't go there, I think I read enough. I was there just for vacation and I must say all you guys said IS THE SAD TRUTH !!!!!!

Banks said:
Saturday, August 6, 2011 @ 11:57 AM

Credit expansion in France or Germany were 3-4%, with much higher productive economy than spanish (based on real state speculation and turism).

Credit expansion in Spain was 18%, dedicated mostly to real state speculation. The result, the rich get richer, the poor pays the debt.

This "easy-money" is traditional in Spain, fortunately now they are under Europe control. Probably Greece on the same line.

Ireland also has similar problems, but at least they have a big IT sector, so, bigger productivity. Problem in Spain is huge corruption at all levels, people is educated this way. In Argentina there is a saying this way "el vivo vive del tonto, el tonto de su trabajo", which can be translate this way "the vivid lives among the foolish, the fool among his work". This is basically the education.

SRE said:
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 2:55 AM


I completely believe you when you say that life can be difficult there and everything isn't as wonderful as it first appears. Especially now, it seems that different aspects of almost all countries are suffering with the worldwide economic crisis. It’s true; egocentricity, individualism, and competition exist in Spain as well, as the troublesome ego is all but part of being human. But they are certainly magnified in more progressive western countries, where ambition and advancement are valued over all else, which Spain is not. Envy is part of human nature by default. But it is definitely expressed differently depending on psychosocial behavioral distinctions within the culture. Spaniards gossip openly because they are hot-blooded and there's no distance or boundaries between two friends. Those in more inhibited cultures may engage in gossip even more so, perhaps at home through the Internet.

In highly individualistic societies, often capitalist countries, where 'survival of the fittest' is the way of life, there can be a severe lack of unity as everyone is busy customizing their own lives. And on the contrary, the distinct sense of community, friendship, and togetherness taking importance over oneself that is greatly present in collective societies is something that I sincerely admire. Spain is economically capitalist, but nowhere near the degree of others, like the US; and there’s naturally a distinguished sense of camaraderie that exists is countries that aren’t as capitalistic for obvious reasons. There are also social patterns and a form of harmony, in my opinion, that exist in a country that’s mostly ethnically homogenous such as Spain that you don’t find as much in a country that’s very essence is diversity.

About young Spanish emigrants- it seems to be recent because otherwise, Spaniards are one of the most insulate people I know. In all my years of living in the US, which is very ethnically diverse, I hadn’t met many Spaniards or Spanish descendents until I went to University. I'm not sure where they immigrate to besides Latin America, nor have I done research on it, but I can almost surely say that the US does not have a large population of Spaniards fleeing Spain in search of a better life. Italians, on the other hand, comparable to Spaniards in certain aspects, are known throughout history for having diasporas throughout the world, particularly the US, in search of a better life.

history said:
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 12:30 PM

Dear SRE: Thank you for your opinion, it is very well exposed. I have a different opinion in certain aspects: - Capitalism: ---> Greed: what is the problem with greed? If you serve properly humanity thought your greed. Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and many others produce fantastic goods that changed our lives because of their greed, what is the problem. --->Money: this is a complete faith. How the world would be without money as we know today? Those who controls money controls the World. It is a complete monopoly, but people just don't think about it. ---> Money production is definately not a free market: there is a monetary central planning in Western societies, pretty similar to easter countries before the fall of Berlin wall. Federal Reserve propagates world wide credit expansions (new money out of thin air), that produces collapses, depressions, etc. Then we blame prices, markets, greed, capitalism, but we think in paper-money, produced from thin air by few men on top as a scarce resource, and that is natural !!!! In God we trust. -Building social tissue: If we see all islam countries, they share many cultural aspects. Architecture, manners, thinking way, etc. Same with chinese and others. Religion is, basically, the main social conforming factor, since traditions and believes depends on that.We are in secular societies, but the result of a whole evolution over generations linked to religion as main political structure, which is definately not the same on each part of the World. So, we can say that all Catholic Chuch countries has a very similar "smell", besides the ethnic differences, as happens with islam, budism and others. This is the smell you can feel clearly in Spain. Catholic Church domination is, by far, the most brutal of all existing forms. Inquisition, contrarreformation wars, crussades, etc. and, the most efective of all, ignorant people. The Bible, the only existing "Truth", was only allowed in latin until XX century. Not even priests know latin, and people don't know to read or write. Therefore, they can't read the Bible, they can't think (that's the point). They have to follow what priest says, which they also don't know the Bible. So, basically, priests desires. Only the top of the hierarchy knows something, but moral rules are only for the poor. That brutality reach his peak in Spain, even worse than South America. Personality traits have been shaped over centuries by this brutal domination, totally isolated from the rest of the world. "Conquistadores" were mostly spaniards, trying to improve their lives in a World ruled by "bloodlines", on top, and brutalized ignorants on the bottom. No way to get fortune besides going to the New World, even with all the risks (the travel, the jungle, the diseases, etc.). That's why "Los Ángeles", "Nevada", "San Francisco", "San José", "Florida" are spanish names. Most of the today USA were spanish territories, just the North of the country and the East Coast were french, british, duch and others. Basically Colon discovers how to use the wind flows of the planet to move over the World, that knowledge gives Spain the ability to go where no one went before. The opressive social system was the desire to move: make fortune in the only possible way available outside the "bloodlines" (classical middle ages social structure, settle by Charlomagne and conformed by Catholic Chuch before the Luther Reformation). - Banking System: the

Leroy said:
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 @ 5:07 PM

I am asian.I love this spanish girl who is friends with me in college,and surely I guess she doesnt have such feelings....I really dont know how to put up the subject...or tell her how I feel...Please help me out...are there any special ways to ask her out and not intimidate her n lose friendship?

CelticSpan said:
Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 4:30 AM

Hello everybody:

Jorge, Katty and other "writers".
I'm afraid to tell you that you are a bit wrong, at least:

1) Spain is a country of countries, and the north is very different to the south: Nothing to do Galicia with Andalucia, for example: The Galicians (me) are people who work a lot, they have initiative, and traditionally business creators.
On the other hand, people from the south (on average, but not all), are lazy, apparently friendly but you can not trust in them.

2) The personality of Spaniards is as different as the regions that integrate this nation: Whilst Andalucians, Extremadurians and Murcians are noisy, a bit rude and they evidence certain lack of culture, the Catalans, Basques or galicians (who don't considerate themselves as geunine spaniards), are educated, cult and with a good academic background.

3) Do you really think that Germans, English people and Norh-americans are the best of the world? HA HA HA!
I have been in England several occasions, and these elements give the impression of beeing polite, correct and human, but when they are in their houses they gossip and they are as critic as any spaniard or as any american.

Please, consider that the fact of living in Spain for 5 or 6 years is not time enough to define the spaniards.

Spanish people said:
Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 11:01 PM

I am Spanish. I will say that in Spain there are a variety of culture. Perhaps our character is created as a method of survival. When I travel abroad on holiday, I try not meet any Spanish, perhaps, because although I am Spanish, I know our shortcomings. There are many competent people in Spain but we are not productive because here nothing is valued more hypocrisy. I personally am a person with a lot of character, of "hot blood", but I empathize with everyone and I'm not hurt a fly. In Spain, the birthplace of the falsity is in Seville, located in Andalusia. The movement of young people without culture and problematic called "Canis", but I suppose there are in all countries. If you get a real Spanish friend, you'll have a friend for life.

Spanish people said:
Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 11:10 PM

I am Spanish. I will say that in Spain there are a variety of culture. Perhaps our character is created as a method of survival. When I travel abroad on holiday, I try not meet any Spanish, perhaps, because although I am Spanish, I know our shortcomings. There are many competent people in Spain but we are not productive because here nothing is valued more hypocrisy. I personally am a person with a lot of character, of "hot blood", but I empathize with everyone and I'm not hurt a fly. In Spain, the birthplace of the falsity is in Seville, located in Andalusia. The movement of young people without culture and problematic called "Canis", but I suppose there are in all countries. If you get a real Spanish friend, you'll have a friend for life.

Spanish said:
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 @ 5:41 PM

I would add that, if a spanish is competent, is extremely competent, because he could make with all difficulties not existing in other countries. Is like someone that was always walking with weights, without them, he will fly. But there are few, most of them are unrealiable, incompetent and they learn to live among other people, not their work, and, of course, the image always the best.

For instance, "El Criticón" by Baltasar Gracián is considered the biggest moral effort of Europe. Of course, Gracián was hated, he could write this book because of his powerful friends, but they anyway punish him and consider a rebel.

Ortega y Gasset was also deeply hated, but they have to accept him after his success in other places.

Basically, spanish want slaves, people to use them and that they are easy to command, but never free thinkers. Here the lack of creativity.

Spanish said:
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 @ 5:51 PM

There is one single problem with spanish, as José Ortega y Gasset explains so well: "no code of honor". No rules, nothing...

In other countries also you will find people without code of honor, the vast majority, but there are others that they do have, a percentage. In Spain that percentage is so small that can be considered non existing. No matter the social level, you can't trust them.

In my opinion, most of the spanish has autism, more or less moderate, but they can't appreciate anything but money. They only contact to you when they want something, but there is no human connection.

Emotionally speaking, are most of them broken. This is why they are impulsive, they call that "hot blood", but the real meaning is lack of emotional intelligence, they are ruled by impulses.

AmericanGuyinSpain said:
Friday, November 25, 2011 @ 2:09 AM

Seriously, why are Spanish men so jealous? I'm living in Spain and learning Spanish. But several times already I've had to 'give up' some female friends because their boyfriends didn't want them meeting me. This never happened in the US. I should point out that these were meetings in the day for coffee and also official language exchange and one of the girls is actually a work colleague; her bf actually turned up one time, which was a bit weird as he just sat there and didn't say a word. Come on, get a grip.

Spanish said:
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 @ 6:34 PM

Spanish are posesive, usually. There are different ways in which you can find this trait:

-Men controlling money: don't letting women any freedom. They will buy them what they need, but don't allow her to work, to have her independence. Since Spain changed a lot during the last 20 years, those men usually go after foreign women (such people from South America or eastern Europe).

-Men never allow her to be alone. They need to control everything of her, when she go out, when she come, etc.

-Women and men all the time dicussing things. They just discuss for everything, is the relationship they have: discussion.

-Women that, after knowing they have been betrayed by men, they dump him from one day to the other, even with kids in the middle and not being professionals.They can't stand his man with other female.

-Women as warriors, with the same spirit of men (possesion). Very difficult even to share flat with them. They just give instructions, this is the way they interact with others: brutes, no manners.

There are other shapes I found during my 30 years in Spain, but the common factor of all those is control, possesion. The same way you have a dog, you have a man/woman.

Fortunately, there is a new Spain, which is definitely different, but the old catholic Spain is still very strong. They feel secure only if they posses people, houses, fields, etc. They don't belive in the human creative potential to change the World, they only want to own things. This is the only security for them.

You will find complete families that, across generation, they were collecting houses (flats, etc.) and they live from the rents of dozens of houses and lands.

But this is the Catholic mentality, Vatican was established by Charlomagne in a time where people measure their wealth in the amount of fields and peasents they have. That mentality is still there. Just extend it to houses, wife, husband, etc. and you get the key.

Juan said:
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 @ 1:01 AM

yo you guys all got to calm yourselves its a nice place it has negative aspects so whatever get over it

Juan said:
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 @ 1:07 AM

You forgot to mention the passion for soccer(futbol) I mean they are the campeones for both Euro and World cup!

NuestrosNuevosAmos said:
Saturday, December 17, 2011 @ 5:33 PM

ARTURO PÉREZ-REVERTE | El Semanal - 03/12/2006

A los españoles nos destrozaron la vida reyes, aristócratas, curas y generales. Bajo su dominio discurrimos dando bandazos, de miseria en miseria y de navajazo en navajazo, a causa de la incultura y la brutalidad que impusieron unos y otros. Para ellos sólo fuimos carne de cañón, rebaño listo para el matadero o el paredón según las necesidades de cada momento. Situación a la que en absoluto fuimos ajenos, pues aquí nunca hubo inocentes. Nuestros reyes, nuestros curas y nuestros generales eran de la misma madre que nos parió. Españoles, a fin de cuentas, con corona, sotana o espada. Y todos, incluso los peores, murieron en la cama. Cada pueblo merece la historia y los gobernantes que tiene.

Ciertas cosas no han cambiado. Pasó el tiempo en que los reyes nos esquilmaban, los curas regían la vida familiar y social, y los generales nos hacían marcar el paso. Ahora vivimos en democracia. Pero sigue siendo el nuestro un esperpento fiel a las tradiciones. Contaminada de nosotros mismos, la democracia española es incompleta y sectaria. Ignora el respeto por el adversario; y la incultura, la ruindad insolidaria, la demagogia y la estupidez envenenan cuanto de noble hay en la vieja palabra. Seguimos siendo tan fieles a lo que somos, que a falta de reyes que nos desgobiernen, de curas que nos quemen o rijan nuestra vida, de generales que prohíban libros y nos fusilen al amanecer, hemos sabido dotarnos de una nueva casta que, acomodándola al tiempo en que vivimos, mantiene viva la vieja costumbre de chuparnos la sangre. Nos muerden los mismos perros infames, aunque con distintos nombres y collares. Si antes eran otros quienes fabricaban a su medida una España donde medrar y gobernar, hoy es la clase política la que ha ido organizándose el cortijo, transformándolo a su imagen y semejanza, según sus necesidades, sus ambiciones, sus bellacos pasteleos. Ésa es la nueva aristocracia española, encantada, además, de haberse conocido. No hay más que verlos con sus corbatas fosforito y su sonriente desvergüenza a mano derecha, con su inane gravedad de tontos solemnes a mano izquierda, con su ruin y bajuno descaro los nacionalistas, con su alelado vaivén mercenario los demás, siempre a ver cómo ponen la mano y lo que cae. Sin rubor y sin tasa.

En España, la de político debe de ser una de las escasas profesiones para la que no hace falta tener el bachillerato. Se pone de manifiesto en el continuo rizar el rizo, legislatura tras legislatura, de la mala educación, la ausencia de maneras y el desconocimiento de los principios elementales de la gramática, la sintaxis, los ciudadanos y ciudadanas, el lenguaje sexista o no sexista, la memoria histórica, la economía, el derecho, la ciencia, la diplomacia. Y encima de cantamañas, chulos. Osan pedir cuentas a la Justicia, a la Real Academia Española o a la de la Historia, a cualquier institución sabia, respetable y necesaria, por no plegarse a sus oportunismos, enjuagues y demagogias. Vivimos en pleno disparate. Cualquier paleto mierdecilla, cualquier leguleyo marrullero, son capaces de llevárselo todo por delante por un voto o una legislatura. Saben que nadie pide cuentas. Se atreven a todo porque todo lo ignoran, y porque le han cogido el tranquillo a la impunidad en este país miserable, cobarde, que nada exige a sus políticos pues nada se exige a sí mismo.

Nos han tomado perfectas las medidas, porque la incultura, la cobardía y la estupidez no están reñidas con la astucia. Hay imbéciles analfabetos con disposición natural a medrar y a sobrevivir, para quienes esta torpe y acomplejada España es el paraíso. Y así, tras la añada de políticos admirables que tanta esperanza nos dieron, ha tomado el relevo esta generación de trileros profesionales que no vivieron el franquismo, la clandestinidad ni la Transición, mediocres funcionarios de partido que tampoco han trabajado en su vida, ni tienen intención de hacerlo. Gente sin el menor vínculo con el mundo real que hay más allá de las siglas que los cobijan, autistas profesionales que sólo frecuentan a compadres y cómplices, nutriéndose de ellos y entre ellos. Salvo algunas escasas y dignísimas excepciones, la democracia española está infestada de una gentuza que en otros países o circunstancias jamás habría puesto sus sucias manos en el manejo de presupuestos o en la redacción de un estatuto. Pero ahí están ellos: oportunistas aupados por el negocio del pelotazo autonómico, poceros de la política. Los nuevos amos de España.

DONNA said:
Monday, December 26, 2011 @ 3:25 PM


PiconSeara said:
Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 4:39 PM

Never been to Espana, but I do come from a Galician Family in the US. We are hard workers, yet we work to live even here.. Even though its 40 hours a week! Most everything is based around the family. I have heard my Grandmother say once before that the Galicians are treated like the ugly stepchild of Spain. Not sure why, maybe because the Galician way is to work and not be gossiping hypocrites and assholes alike. Whatever, soon I will go there to Pontevedra, and probably not come back to the US.

-Whats up CelticSpan!!! Viva Galicia

-Oh and Donna, we are always horny. Natural Spanish Fly

Jim said:
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 8:39 AM

Wow. Every country has its flaws, true, but what some of you guys are doing is "mear fuera de tiesto".

jorge peterman: "Spanish arts are not exactly known for their creativity or innovation in the international artworld. Exactly the opposite."

Indeed. Picasso, Dali, Goya, Almodovar..all are overrated morons. You can find thousands like them in any country!


As for totti stupid racist bullcrap. I´m not even bothering to correct his terrible grammar, seeing that he must be 10 or just some full grown retard. Have you ever surprised any spaniard trying to "steel" a grave, dude? I hope you alerted the authorities! otherwise you´d be as miserable as him.

Jim said:
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 9:00 AM

Wow. Every country has its flaws, true, but what some of you guys are doing is "mear fuera de tiesto".

jorge peterman: "Spanish arts are not exactly known for their creativity or innovation in the international artworld. Exactly the opposite."

Indeed. Picasso, Dali, Goya, Almodovar..all are overrated morons. You can find thousands like them in any country!


As for totti stupid racist bullcrap. I´m not even bothering to correct his terrible grammar, seeing that he must be 10 or just some full grown retard. Have you ever surprised any spaniard trying to "steel" a grave, dude? I hope you alerted the authorities! otherwise you´d be as miserable as him.

Laavor said:
Sunday, January 22, 2012 @ 6:31 AM

CelticSpan, the same arguments that you use to describe the "the lazy southeners" can be used to describe galicians. Your thoughts about the polite galicians and and the brute murcians are just hilarious. Why in Argentina, "Gallego" means rude and stupid? Galicians aren´t the most adecuate people to teach lessons about culture or education.
Pero bueno, creerse mierda sin llegar a ser pedo es algo muy ibérico también.

Lola said:
Sunday, January 22, 2012 @ 8:32 AM

Spanish people are rancid with envy and fundamentally unlikeable. They are the most monochromatic people Ive ever encountered in the western world. Yes, the human emotion envy does exist worldwide, but envy is actually a national problem in Spain. The emotional underdevelopment and overall inability to form deep, mature, appropriate relationships is a “national problem”.
So… sure, every countries got their problems… but unlikeablity? Your problem is that you’re a country of spoiled, backward, immature, shallow, conceited and arrogant people. Sorry… that’s pretty fuckin bad. Spanish people don’t leave Spain because the rest of the world would never “normalize” that kind of behavior for an adult.
The only person who seems to be able to deeply love a Spaniard is their mother, because even at the ripe age of 30 or 40… after living their entire lives in the same city or town… outside of their mothers they all have zero profound friendships.
Spanish people don’t even understand friendship, the difference between people they know and people they love. The difference between your co-worker, who you compete with and talk smack about when you’re not lunching with them… and a meaningful friend. The person you see in your Wednesday evening pottery class… and a person you share your intimate life with.
Which is of course why they are all 100% available and anxious to be your new best friend in the first place. They have no friends. And besides, you, as a “fancy”, “exotic” (uuhumm… American), foreigner are useful for showing off.
Its true, when you first get here, Spaniards seem welcoming.. Its because they have no fucking friends! I can not get over the fact that grown people, living in their home city, their entire lives have no meaningful friendships. And it says everything you need to know about Spanish character. Unlikeable.
The society is also incredibly uninventive, uncreative and unenergetic. Their worker productivity is in fact the lowest in the world. And just about every artist or creative person that spain has produced in all of history has in fact LEFT the country. And their arrogant and undereducated about other cultures and the world in general (look, they think spain, one of the most homogeneous places on the planet earth is “really diverse” and they think American’s are “exotic”.
There are profound aesthetic problems with the taste of Spain…. All of which I could forgive. All of which, to me qualify as … hey every country has their thing… sure. But unlikeable? Envious? Shallow?

ToLola said:
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 @ 9:38 AM

30% of all engineers working in Germany in airplane industry aré spanish.

If you go to Germany you will be amazed how spanish engineers aré appreciated. After one of the hardest educations in Europe.

Also they create a very friendly community. This is the new Spain, which is totally different.

Have you ever read the memories of the people during postwar? Spanish psyquiatric cases amaze other european countries. They suffer very deeply, that's why they had problems with emotions.

But the new Spain did not suffer do hard, so, they are different. Check Garzón.

The old Spain is yet very strong, that's why is a dangerous country, but these new people that enmigrate is different. Even professors at university encourage people to move out, these people could eventually change the country when mature, bringing hope. If Government allow them and do not axphisiate in taxes that afterwards are wasted by corruption in power.

Spain has always produced very good people, besides the Catholic brutal domination. Most influencial theatre in Europe: Shakespeare, Calderón, Moliere and Goethe.

Moral reactions was always present in Spain, just check Calderón and compare with Shakespeare. Also Graciàn and, lately, Garzón. Many countries never produce really relevant people, but Spain has many of the most influencial writers in history, starting with Seneca.

yourname said:
Saturday, March 17, 2012 @ 11:32 PM

Hey people, I cannot believe that so storng negative opinions could exist about Spanish character and culture...It sounds as if you are personally offended...strange.
Well I am a national of an East European country convinced by now that envy and gossiping is a natural sport here...was amazed to read that the same could be said of other I think that most probably this is just manifestation the human nature, and not a national trait. And maybe it just shows up clearly in some more open societies, whilst in others it is well hidden behind a hypocritical smile

Envy said:
Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 7:07 PM

Nietzsche explains the envy mechanism this way (using automatic translation):

"Man inept, clumsy, vitally failed, goes around the world with his heart oozing dismisses himself. As he can not silence this self-contempt, that comes in puffs from within himself and do not let him live, there is reaction that save him, which is blind himself to everything of value that is around. Since he can't estimate his own value, he will find reasons to discredit all excellence in the World. He will see only the flaws, mistakes, shortcomings of the best men, whose presence is equivalent for him to constant humiliation. This will give you a semblance of balance between others and himself. Ambushed in his resentment, spy every hero with a fierce eye poacher, taking pleasure in emphasizing their abandonment and neglect"

As a conclusion, all cultures that suffered from oppressive regimenes develop envy in their people.

Rulers want slaves, not thinkers, philosophers, musicians. Therefore, it is very important to destroy any human potential in order to create a society of slaves. In the process, people also develop envy and many other unconfortable traits.

This is the natural consequence of ruining people mentally and moraly, in order to shape a society of workers.

Catholic church was established in order to be an efficient slavery mechanism, but not the only one.

Charity said:
Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 8:07 PM

There is a group of animals call scavengers, who eat death bodies.

In the human societies also exists animals that search in different battle fields of life to see what they can steal and live among. These human scavengers have to put a different label to their activity for the public at large. One very convinient is Charity.

Not meaning all Charity results in a group of people living among the battle field asshes of others, but if the business model is not clear (where the money come from, how is redistributed and how the system supports itself not using the people that suppose to benefit) it is very likely to hide, under a very Catholic name, something not so clean.

One can see this, not only in Charity, but also in many "Social Security" measures, which results are just opposite of the label they are using.

There is not bad intention in all this, just bad information. Business model should be very clear, in short and long term, not allowing any falacy.

enough said:
Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 9:11 AM

I've had enough about Spain and Spaniards, noise, bad manners, superficial friendship

ruska said:
Monday, April 2, 2012 @ 1:06 AM

hey it was nice knowing about the spanish and spain,,,,... kurl

ruska said:
Monday, April 2, 2012 @ 1:07 AM

hey it was nice knowing about the spanish and spain,,,,... kurl

Ingleses envidiosos !!! said:
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 @ 12:48 PM

Dejo mi comentario en español (google translator). El conjunto de todos los españoles estamos siendo criticados por individuos que escriben bajo el anonimato de internet. Por esto voy a comentar lo que yo percibo de vosotros, mayoritariamente ingleses.

Características que yo he captado de un conjunto de personas de UK:
-Vuestro tono de voz es bajito durante todo el día pero cuando bebéis alcohol por la noche parecéis mostros...¡¡¡Vosotros sois como el "doctor jekyll"(por el dia) y mister hyde(por la noche)!!!. Es un fallo vuestra cultura inglesa porque estáis demasiado coaccionados y explotáis de forma violenta cuando os desinhibís. Nosotros los españoles no tenemos tanta carga social y nos mostramos más reales. Muchos ingleses cuando vienen a España solo se dedican a emborracharse y destrozar mobiliario urbano.

-Otra parte que tenéis es la mierda con la que habéis lavado el cerebro a medio mundo, ya que habéis acusado a los españoles de asesinos con la conquista del nuevo mundo. Realmente los verdaderos asesinos fueron los ingleses que asesinaron a casi toda la población indígena.
Concluyo diciendo que no es bueno generalizar si no queréis que os hagan lo mismo. Además, ya puestos a ser duro, genéticamente sois los más pobres porque habéis sido los que más aislados habéis estado de toda Europa, ¡¡Estas son las consecuencias de vivir en una gran isla(UK) :)!!

Ingleses envidiosos !!! said:
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 @ 12:53 PM

Translation (google translator). The set of all the Spanish are being criticized by individuals who write under the anonymity of the Internet. For this I will discuss what I perceive of you, mostly British.

Features that I have captured a group of people from UK:
'Your voice is softly all day but when you drink alcohol at night you look like monsters ... You are like the "Dr. Jekyll" (by day) and Mr. Hyde (at night)! . It's your fault because you are English culture coerced and trample too violent when you desinhibís. We do not have much Spanish social burden and we are more real. Many English when they come to Spain only dedicated to getting drunk and smashing furniture.

-Another part you have is the crap that you have brainwashed half the world, since you have accused the Spanish of murderers with the conquest of the New World. Actually the real murderers were the English who killed most of the indigenous population.
I conclude that it is not good to generalize if you want me to do the same. In addition, for that to be tough, genetically you are the poorer because you were the most isolated state in Europe have, these are the consequences of living in a large island (UK) :)!

Lindsay said:
Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 10:03 AM

I am American/Mexican and I have always wanted to study abroad in Spain. Not only do I want to go back to my roots, (I am 1/4 Spanish) but the overall way of life seems great. In America, it is great and all, but the way of life here is Work, drink lots of coffee, stress, chores, and television. I would like to slow it down a bit and enjoy my time with friends and family. Spain seems to be a relaxing place and you can enjoy life. I want to move over there when I am old and retired:)

Cibeles City said:
Sunday, July 1, 2012 @ 10:48 PM

Oe oe oe oeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...
Oe oe oe oeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...
Oe oe oe oeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...
Oe oe oe oeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeee, oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...

Campeoooones, campeoooones, oe oe oeeeeeeee...
Campeoooones, campeoooones, oe oe oeeeeeeee...

We are the champions!!!!..... We are the best!!!


Filipina said:
Thursday, July 12, 2012 @ 3:49 PM

Im thankful for Spain.

Dayt said:
Sunday, August 12, 2012 @ 1:29 AM

I am currently in high school and have a Spanish foreign exchange student in my physics class named Gerardo. I first met him on the school bus and after getting used to his accent, we were able to have a long friendly conversation until I got off. The next day in physics class he yelled my name really loud and put his arm on my shoulder like we had known each other for years. Although we have only been in school for a couple of weeks, we are already pretty good friends and making plans to hangout more often. The Spanish are indeed very welcoming and friendly!

History Teacher said:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 @ 6:17 PM

I think that before making so broad accusations and comments you should learn Spain's History properly. You are ignoring so many things is amazing. For example, and just to name a few of your many mistakes and obviations, the Comuneros and Germanies revolts, the 1812 Constitution, the Empire Administrative Counsels, made by University Scholar. Not even talking about how you embrace the Black Legend. I give you and F.

Nortonskt said:
Sunday, October 21, 2012 @ 7:35 PM

I have been living Valencia, Spain more than six years. I have lot of public dealing with spaniard. I observed that they are jelous, rude and liar. Even they are working in banks or hospitals. Because you can see educated people in banks and hospitals. Even in televisión news broadcaster and host are rude. Men are bit polite but women are bitches.
In shops and bars, they ofenly charge more money from foreigners.
Ofcourse it is not part of Europe. Still under development country that admires the thieves. No values, no principles.
People are not business minded. They always search jobs or make fools foreigners. You can see long queues in front of lottry shops.
is not part of Europe. Still under development country that admires the thieves. No values, no principles.

People want to enjoy life only. They do not think about family, religion and country.

Raul said:
Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ 9:53 PM

Si hacemos caso de los comentarios que aparecen aqui, España es el peor pais del Universo entero y sus gentes lo mas bajo y atrasado que se pueda imaginar. Esto no tiene sentido. Es un pais europeo con una historia particular -como cualquier otro-.Desde luego que eso explica muchas cosas.
Una historia desgraciada y una clase dirigente rapaz y carente de inteligencia no pueden ocultar unas cualidades personales y una forma de ver la vida que vale la pena conocer

Foreigner47 said:
Thursday, January 10, 2013 @ 7:12 AM

I have a Spanish boyfriend. If I had to make my choices for life again I would stay clear of them. When we go to Spain I hate it and wait to take the plane home. When you first arrive you feel the aggression in society immediately. The women are sexually competitive, trying to look more sexy than the next girl. They want so much that men look at them. The men do that. They love to stare even if they have a girlfriend beside them. When we meet his friends it's torture. The drama queens despise you that you have taken the attention of one of their male friends. So they ignore you to get revenge of this. The have no manners, it's frightening. The men are painfully immature, and the women too I guess. The people there need to feel superior so they pretend they have some type of "hot blood"... That translates to impulsive with no manners. I regret that I have any connection to Spain.

Spanish said:
Thursday, January 10, 2013 @ 8:29 PM

Here testimonies of som of the best spanish writers talking about Spain:

"Un trozo de planeta en el que se cruza errante la sombra de Cain"
Antonio Machado, "Por tierras de España"

"El del español fue siempre un largo y doloroso camino hacia ninguna parte, jalonado de ruindad y de infamia. De que la grandeza, el fulgor de nuestra historia, resulta compatible con nuestra miserable condición humana; y que, paradójicamente, una es complemento o consecuencia de la otra, y viceversa."
Arturo Pérez-Reverte

"Los españoles se destruyen entre ellos."

"Los españoles persiguen con envidia a todos los grandes hombres, les amargan la existencia y, generalmente, logran detener pronto sus triunfos."
Stuart Mill

"[Los españoles están] condenados a ir siempre detrás de los curas, o con el cirio o con el garrote."
Agustín de Foxá

"Los españoles son vengativos y el odio los envenena."
Winston Churchill

"Con soldado español y mando alemán conquistaré el mundo "
"[Los españoles] Son combatientes impávidos que desafían a la muerte."
"Son indisciplinados, pero no he visto soldados más valientes. Aún no han cedido un palmo de terreno. Yo sé que los nuestros están tranquilos cuando tienen a los españoles de vecinos de sector."
Adolf Hitler
En referencia a la valentía de los soldados de la División Azul.

"Ágil, belicoso, inquieto. Hispania es distinta de Itálica, más dispuesta para la guerra a causa de lo áspero del terreno y del genio de los hombres"
Tito Livio

"La nación hispana o la Hispania Universa, no supo unirse contra Roma. Defendida por los Pirineos y el mar habría sido inaccesible. Su pueblo fue siempre valioso pero mal jerarquizado "
Lucio Anneo Floro, historiador latino.

"Los hispanos (de Hispania) tienen preparado el cuerpo para la abstinencia y la fatiga, y el ánimo para la muerte: dura y austera sobriedad en todo (dura omnibus et adstricta parsimonia). [...] En tantos siglos de guerras con Roma no han tenido ningún capitán sino Viriato, hombre de tal virtud y continencia que, después de vencer los ejércitos consulares durante 10 años, nunca quiso en su género de vida distinguirse de cualquier soldado raso "
"[Los hispanos] prefieren la guerra al descanso y si no tienen enemigo exterior lo buscan en casa."
Pompeyo Trogo, historiador galo-romanizado.

"Con doble animosidad que en ningún otro país los españoles sienten envidia del sabio, minusvaloran cuanto hace, critican sus aciertos y se ensañan con sus errores."
Ibn Hazm

"La ambición de los españoles, que les ha hecho acumular tantas tierras y mares, les hace pensar que nada les es inaccesible."
Duplessis-Mornay, hugonote francés.

"En España siempre ha pasado lo mismo: el reaccionario lo ha sido de verdad, el liberal ha sido muchas veces de pacotilla "
"España no ha tenido esas minorías selectas de cultura media de los países centroeuropeos. España nunca ha sido foco sino periferia. Algunos hombres extraordinarios, y luego, plebe."
"No ha habido en España un hombre que valga la pena. ¡Qué vulgaridad, qué pobreza! El territorio nacional se divide en dos campos enemigos irreconciliables, sin que sirvan para aplacarlos y llevarlos a un ambiente de tolerancia las voces de algunas personas sensatas."
Pío Baroja

"La historia de España es pendular. Del nacionalismo militarista de Franco pasamos a la exaltación de los nacionalismos periféricos."
Gabriel Tortella, economista e historiador español.

"España es una tierra donde hay pocas cosas, pero donde cada una parece estar de un modo sustantivo y eterno."
Jorge Luis Borges

"Lo que nos pasó y nos pasa a los españoles es que no sabemos lo que nos pasa."
Ortega y Gasset

"Deje de buscar en el pasado españoles buenos y malos porque en realidad lo único que encontrará son españoles desdichados por igual."
Mariano Rajoy

"España es un país necrófilo. No se reconoce el mérito ajeno y solamente se ensalza a los muertos."
José María Aznar

"Odio España desde siempre. Y desde que odio España también rechazo los toros, a los que fui muy aficionado. El de patria es el más venenoso de los conceptos."
Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio

"Somos un país de gilipollas gobernado desde hace siglos por mediocres, analfabetos y acomplejados"
"Creo que el peor daño social es la ignorancia aliada con la estupidez y el poder. En España, independientemente de ideologías, esa trilogía letal se da con desagradable frecuencia. A algunos basta oírlos expresarse para comprender que, no es que no hayan ni hecho el Bachillerato, es que alardean públicamente de ello."
"Este paraje ingrato, envidioso y miserable, históricamente enfermo. De esta ruin madrastra y sus turbios, desvergonzados, impunes secuaces."
"Atormentada piel de toro española, turbia y homicida, cuna de Caín."
"La sucia España de toda la vida, enferma de sí misma; la del rencor y la envidia cobarde; la del por qué él y yo no; la que desprecia cuanto ignora y odia cuanto envidia; la que retorna pidiendo cerillas y haces de leña, exigiendo cunetas y paredones donde ajustar cuentas; la que sólo se calma cuando le meten dinero en el bolsillo o ve pasar el cadáver del vecino de quien codicia la casa, el coche, la mujer, la hacienda. Al observar el comedero de cerdos en que, con la complicidad ciudadana, nuestra infame clase política ha convertido treinta años de democracia bien establecida, se comprenden muchos momentos terribles de nuestra historia.(...)Si retrocediéramos en el tiempo y nos dieran un Máuser, un despacho de Gobernación, una toga de juez en juicio sumarísimo, llenaríamos de nuevo los cementerios.(...)El problema somos nosotros: la vieja, triste y ruin España.[3]"

"Ser español y lúcido aparejó siempre una seca soledad.[4]"
"Porque a pesar de todo, cuando decidimos ser espléndidos, generosos o divertidos, nos salimos del mapa. Entonces me gusta estar aquí y verlo. Supongo que amo a España precisamente por lo que pudo ser y no es. Y también por lo que muchos siglos de fanatismo e incultura la han obligado a ser. Como uno de esos amantes de los antiguos folletines sentimentales, la quiero por huérfana y por desgraciada.[5]"

"Aquí pocas veces nos gobernó la razón. Solemos quemarla, fusilarla, meterla en la cárcel u obligarla al exilio. Casi siempre nos gobernaron las vísceras, el fanatismo, la incultura, los confesores del rey y de la reina, los sinvergüenzas, los criminales y los cobardes. Con la colaboración entusiasta o indiferente, cómplice por activa o pasiva, de sucesivas generaciones de ovejas encantadas de serlo. No es casual que todos nuestros tiranos, real o metafóricamente, mueran en la cama.[6]"

"España es un país históricamente enfermo. Es un país inculto que alardea de ser inculto y vuelvo a definir cultura como caudal de conocimiento. Creo que un país sin cultura, sin conocimiento, no va a ninguna parte. Mis esperanzas son muy pocas. Tenemos una especie de maldición, envidia, ignorancia, a lo que ha contribuido el peso de la Iglesia"

"Este país es fruto de la envidia, en cuanto destacas por algo van a por ti, y esto no sucede en ninguna parte."[8]

"Los españoles son cainitas, nuestro pecado capital es la envidia y además somos idiotas: el único pueblo del mundo que está continuamente peleándose con su propia sombra y poniendo en duda su identidad histórica. Es lamentable. Ofrecemos el espectáculo más ridículo de la humanidad." [9]

"El español está siempre poniendo en duda su propia identidad, y ve su identidad como un problema, y esto no le sucede a nadie, si acaso a los rusos. A un japonés, un italiano, un alemán, un sudafricano eso no le sucede, uno es italiano y punto. Este río caudaloso empieza a partir de la Guerra de la Independencia, cuyo bicentenario celebramos este año. Creo que allí el corazón de España se parte: los mismos que quieren defender la modernidad, la Ilustración, tienen que enfrentarse por una serie de motivos del corazón a Napoleón y a Francia, que representan precisamente eso. Ahí se produce ese desgarro de las dos Españas, dentro de cada corazón, de cada españolito, están entonces esas dos Españas. Está el que se echa a la calle cuando la Constitución de Cádiz con el ¡Viva la Pepa! pero también el que grita ¡Vivan las "caenas"!, de la monarquía. Si no hubiera habido Guerra de la Independencia, no habría habido guerras carlistas. Sin guerras carlistas, no existiría ETA, etcétera, etcétera."
Arturo Pérez-Reverte

“España: un callejón de incierta salida, un sacramento diabólico que imprime carácter, un hostión en el alma que deja imborrable huella, una Fuenteovejuna de la horterada y la chabacanería, un muestrario de pecados capitales, un circo de agresividad y desafueros, una gigantesca vaquería de mala leche, el reino de los pícaros, la escenificación ininterrumpida de un delito coral, individual y permanente."

"En España nadie se plantea nada desde una perspectiva moral; este es un país de salvajes y de cafres; España vista desde el extranjero resulta un país ridículo, siempre estamos peleándonos con nuestra sombra y los extranjeros se quedan atónitos cuando ven lo que pasa aquí (...) El espíritu de la Guerra Civil está tan vivo como entonces, lo que pasa es que no tenemos un ejército levantisco, hay prosperidad y la gente no se va a echar a la calle, y estamos en Europa, pero las líneas de fuerza son las mismas: los separatismos, los problemas con la Iglesia, el rumor de sables, y la cuestión pedagógica y de la enseñanza... "

"Después del recorrido que he hecho por España, después del recorrido que he hecho por la Guerra Civil, he llegado a una conclusión y tengo que decirla. Ya se que se me va a atacar por esto, pero escribir es un oficio de samuráis que consiste en poner las tripas, en negro sobre blanco, encima de la mesa y lo digo: Lamento profundamente haber nacido español. Lamento haber nacido en un país donde la envidia es pecado capital. Lamento haber nacido en un país donde cada 30 o 40 años a lo largo de muchos siglos ha habido una guerra civil, donde los hermanos se han masacrado entre ellos, no por grandes causas, sino por una herencia, por una cuestión de cuernos, por una mujer,... por una pasión. Lamento haber nacido en un país tan mal educado. Lamento haber nacido en un país donde existe la telebasura. Lamento haber nacido en un país tan zafio, tan vulgar, tan encanallado.[...] En España se ha asumido el modelo del pícaro. Cuando el pícaro es un delincuente y lo que tendría que hacer es estar entre barrotes, en este país el pícaro es un héroe y eso crea el mayor número de sinvergüenzas por metro cuadrado del mundo.[...] Vivir en un país donde estamos todos con la mosca detrás de la oreja, donde creemos que el fontanero, el pintor, el de la tienda de ultramarinos, el periodista, el colega... te están engañando, eso genera una tensión, un estrés, una infelicidad, que es lo que me lleva a mi a decir que lamento profundamente haber nacido español. "
Sánchez Dragó
Fuente: Entrevistado por Jesús Quintero

Ortega said:
Thursday, January 10, 2013 @ 9:18 PM

Here a small description about spanish people:

Spanish said:
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 @ 7:36 PM

"Los españoles ofrecemos a la vida un corazón blindado de rencor, y las cosas, rebotando en él, son despedidas cruelmente"
Ortega y Gasset, " Meditaciones del Quijote"

"Cada conversación está a punto de convertirse en un combate cuerpo a cuerpo; cada palabra es un bote que lanza; cada gesto, un navajazo. Cada español es un centro de fiereza que irradia, en torno suyo, odio y desprecio."
Ortega y Gasset

"Lo incómodo de España es la barbarie permanente y soez, la mala educación en el trato"
Antonio Muñoz Molina

Spanish said:
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 @ 7:41 PM

"Porque España es un país históricamente enfermo. Se ve muy bien en cuanto escarbas un poco en la historia: desde Indíbil y Mandonio, los Austrias, la Ilustración... Hasta ahora mismo... Mira cómo nos estamos cargando la democracia. En cuando se empieza a perfilar una España distinta, esa España que empieza a ser posible, la destruyen los mismos españoles: la arrogancia de unos y el fanatismo de los otros."
Arturo Pérez Reverte

Spanish said:
Thursday, January 24, 2013 @ 8:44 PM

"De España me voy temblando,
que estos hombres de ira llenos son,
como rayos sin trueno,
que despedazan callando"
Lope de Vega

Spanish said:
Thursday, January 24, 2013 @ 10:30 PM

"Hace algunos años salí yo un día
huyendo del achabacanamiento de mi patria,
y como un escolar medieval llegué otro a Leipzig, famosa por sus librerías"
Ortega y Gasset, "Meditaciones sobre el Quijote"

Spanish said:
Thursday, January 24, 2013 @ 10:36 PM

"Los españoles son una chusma de aldeanos guiada por una chusma de curas"
Napoleón Bonaparte

"Los españoles trataron a estas mansísimas ovejas, y olvidándose de ser hombres, y ejerciendo la crueldad de lobos, de tigres, y de leones hambrientos. De cuarenta años a esta parte, no han hecho ni hacen sino perseguirlas, oprimirlas, destrozarlas y aniquilarlas por cuantas maneras conocían ya los hombres y por las nuevas que han inventado ellos. Así hay ahora en la Isla Española solo doscientas personas naturales de allí, habiendo habido en el principio hasta tres millones."
Bartolomé de las Casas, "Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias"

Spanish said:
Thursday, January 24, 2013 @ 10:44 PM

There are enough evidences from spanish writers, more than british ones.

Spain is a country of criminals.

They don't have professionals of anything, they are going to cheat you for getting the most money they can from you out of nothing.

Social Security uses, systematically, for healing wounds things that will damage you. First you get worse, then they intervene you, after another medical care... an so on until you die.

On each step, they collect money from you, which is the only thing it matters from them.

I know, cause I am spanish.

Sir_Francis_Drake said:
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 3:21 PM

I had no pre-conceptions about the country or it's people, but honestly, every Spaniard I've ever dealt with has been an annoying twat.

Torres said:
Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 2:02 AM

Obviously "Spanish" is not a real Spaniard.

Dani said:
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 @ 9:16 PM


Spaniards in the USA said:
Thursday, July 11, 2013 @ 6:32 AM

I am from Spain but I live in the USA for more than 11 years.I personally like to live in Spain better than in the USA.In Spain the lifestyle is healthier,more relaxed and you have more fun!!!!!.Reading the comments seem that we are the worst people on the planet,that is why more than 40 million tourists visit us every year and we have more than 6 million immigrants,and spaniards usually love Spain.Viva Espana

Note said:
Saturday, July 13, 2013 @ 9:29 PM

Spanish personality traits can be understood knowing the main power ruling Spain: Jesuits.

Illuminati is another name for jesuits. In South America they develop the communist system over centuries

After Napoleon (almost detroying the papacy in Europe), jesuits arrived to Germany with a new name, the Illuminati, brilliant label during the european enlightment, hiding jesuit roots.

According to Heinz Monz works ( ), Karl Marx was educated in Trier jesuit schools and university by those Illuminati. Marx professor at university was the jesuit Johann Hugo Wyttenbach.

Currently, they still are using the Inquisition techniques with indigenous people all over the world. Figueiredo report explains very clearly: . Also, recent paintings of concentration camps of Germany, same torture patterns.

Cold War, Wold Wars, all genocides (in present and past) has been produced by those spanish inquisitors: jesuits.

All South America is a sequence of wars, genocides, dictatorship, tortures... just search on Youtube to see all the victims around the world talking what they are suffering.

Nice personality traits.

Franito said:
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 @ 1:53 PM

Por favor Marta, mejor dedicate a poner cañas y deja de arruinar nuestra imagen que ya bastante tiene con lo que tiene. To all of you who have replied in English saying bullshit like "excellent insight" and son on. Please, either shut ** EDITED - Against blog rules ** up or go to Spain and get to know people, ** EDITED - Against blog rules **

This message was last edited by eos_moderators on 7/24/2013 5:49:07 PM.

Franito said:
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 @ 2:00 PM

Joder, acabo de terminar de leerlo y menos mal que no te tengo cerca. ** EDITED - Against blog rules ** Lo que tu das es una lista de topicazos que no son ni siqueira ciertos y que, por ejemplo Angela Merkel felizmente firmaria. De verdad, si asi es como ves a tus compatriotas, te compadeceria si no fuese por el daño que los ** EDITED - Against blog rules ** como tu haceis a España. En serio, dedicate a barrer una escalera o algo asi y deja de difamarnos.

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Greywolf said:
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 @ 12:26 PM

And here we have another example of the typical Spaniard's tolerance for the opinions of others, with insults, sexist remarks and aggressive insinuations as an added bonus. Such a behaviour does more to ratify the nasty traits of the Spanish people than a hundred of posts describing such traits. Franito, go back to the cave you came from. You feel offended? Right. You should. I would recomend a little more introspection, but it would be futile. Spaniards are too used to blame anyone or anything but themselves.

Iris said:
Saturday, October 19, 2013 @ 12:32 PM

I am tired of living with Spaniards. They are too noisy, self-centered and men are cheaters!

jack said:
Sunday, January 5, 2014 @ 6:16 PM

I lived in Spain for a significant amount of time and in almost every part of the country. Spainsh people are the strangest I have ever met. They are cold, anti-social, and love to do nothing more than gossip and be lazy. People think just because they kiss you on either cheek when you meet they are these warm and social kind of people. It's a myth. My advice; Spain, OK for a holiday of you are hard up for cash. But to live, don't bother. It will drive you mad.

Irene said:
Monday, January 6, 2014 @ 11:38 AM

I am spaniard, but being living in many different countries...when you are not in your country, everything turns out strange, in every single country I met amazing people and people who were treated me bad, rude and even with very racist attitude....but is very simple the argument to judge a whole country just because the personal experiences....Stay in a country is not yours, is always hard,but blame the people is not the solution... because the experiences you get, depend exclusively which kind of person you are, and is the reflection of your attitude....Of course Spanish we are noisy and our english is not good ( But how about is the spanish lenguage in other countries? the same no...)...but all the rest are just topics, like in every country.....If you go somewhere thinking the poeple is not good and you dont believe in them, how you expect to get friends? or how you expect they treat you well? If you are open person, friendly and dont let you get down because singles situations or because others experiences, you can get an amazing experience in Spain or whatever country in the world, is all about take away the barriers, dont go with prejudices and be aware that if you are not in your country is you the person who need to be a more effort to integrate! Thats happen everywhere, the problem is that no one lives as foreigner in their own countries, and they dont imagine as cold, strange or all this characteristics belong as well to many of their fellows....So come on, live is somewhere else is a privilege experience, and what sad the people is not able to take advantage of it, or learn to look for a similarities instead of differences!

Patrick Murphy said:
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 @ 10:59 PM

Soy Irlandés y me encanta España y los Españoles. Vivá durante mucho tiempo allí

Mando said:
Sunday, February 9, 2014 @ 6:04 PM

Knowing well Canadians, Italians, French and Spaniards I would chose Spaniards over all of them. While the Canadians might seem the most polite ones, they are in fact, the very worst, always looking to cover their arse even if that means to anihilate everything around. French are good people but with a big issue, if there is a problem, they put all the effort on finding where to put the blame on instead of looking for solutions, when they try to look for a fix, it is already too late. Italians, excellent people as well, but always too much endless talk going nowhere. Spaniards are not perfect, but in the fundamentals they are pretty well balanced, in any extreme situation I would always chose to be near Spaniards.

English-guy said:
Thursday, April 10, 2014 @ 4:28 AM

I'm an Erasmus student, and have been studying in a city in the south of spain for the past seven months, and have to say that I completely agree with what "Spanish" said about Spain and the Spanish.

Even before I came here I had met quite a lot of Spanish people, and had always though that there was something rather strange and difficult about them, but it's not until coming here that I began to understand more.

There seems to be a perception outside Spain of Spanish people being friendly and warm, but it's not actually true at all. If anything the Spanish are very close-minded and not open to meeting new people at all.

To echo what someone else said, they find it very difficult to form any deep friendship with someone who's not outside their normal group.

Emotionally they are very lacking and are difficult to relate to. They make completely no effort to try and understand another person's point of view, and are rancid with envy.

A lot of them are very rude, and they love gossiping about other people while doing the exact same thing themselves.

Envy in Spain is a national problem, and anyone who is doing better than the average crowd is immediately torn down.

Another problem which people here pointed out is the Spanish characteristic of lying. The lack of principles here is obvious, and you can't trust their word on anything.

For example before Christmas I was working for the university assisting in teaching English, for which they promised to pay me 450 euros, and in the end I had to chase them down like a bloodhound in order to get the cheque from them. If I hadn't been so determined in getting the money they wouldn't have paid me, I'm 100% sure on that.

They will try and use you for you last penny if they can, and will always try and find the fast way around things rather than taking time and doing it properly.

Obviously there are exceptions, and I do have some Spanish friends, and it's true that people in spain vary according to different parts, but in general they will drive you crazy.

Spain has had a difficult history, having suffered the brutal dominance of the catholic church for so long, and I think it explains a lot.

In general I would only recommend Spain as a holiday destination, as it's a really beautiful country with a lot of cool places and it's sunny, but apart from that stay away from the Spanish, they're awful.

English-guy said:
Monday, April 28, 2014 @ 12:58 PM

One thing I wanted to ask "Spanish" though, was, regarding what you said about the Spanish being possessive, do you think that the different ways in which you listed this trait can be found still exists, today, in modern Spain amongst people my age (I'm 22)?

What I mean specifically, is do you think that men, even in modern spain, are still so possessive in relationships?

Also, do you think that women, even now, still talk to men like brutes and lack manners, etc?

Also, there was one time I was in one of my classes at university, and the professor looked at me and said something while he was talking.

I spoke to him afterwards, and he said that it was because I had been yawning and moving my arms, and that it wasn't acceptable behaviour in his class.

Without thinking, a couple of weeks later I was tired and so I did it again (obviously it's natural to do that when you're tired), and he screamed at me extremely angrily (in Spanish), "you, the last time, the next time you do it I'll throw you out of the class".

Obviously it was quite embarrassing, and a bit shocking, as it was in front of the whole class, and I thought it was absolutely and completely unnecessary in the context of the situation.

I wanted to ask you if you think this is typical of spain/the spain education system, and if you think it's got to do with the Spanish impulsivity and need to control people and supress potential?

Also, if you don't mind me asking, in which part of spain did you grow up, and have you lived in other parts as well?

AnaRuiz said:
Sunday, August 24, 2014 @ 9:54 PM

hi all. I had to step in in view of all biased and understandable comments about the generalized character spanish have. to live in spain as a foreigner is difficult but can be achievable . The key issue is not to alienate or be patronizing specially if you are English ( sorry my friends, I love you but the fame is the fame!) I have been living in the center for most of my younger life, now in london for over 15 yrs in and out eurasia and the americas and I can understand most of the comments, specially the ones about Jealousy and rude manners. The truth is that living as a foreign is hard wherever you go, whether is on the next village or in a different country. My parents were teachers and we were constantly moving towns , and as a result my brothers and I never settled or -fitted in- in any town , village as youngsters. Having living abroad for almost 18 years , I can see many mannerisms and traits as the ones described in previous comments. Try and find someone polite in denmark for example. Their dictionary lacks the words - excuse me - sorry- please. Or try and mingle in Austria or Russia. Its always going to be the same. I am a spaniard by birth, going back to Celtic / Iberian lineage and its even difficult for me to understand or communicate with spaniards alike but we have to try- from both sides. Patience and tolerance is the key. Even on those evil animal torturers. Not every Spaniard is like that, some of us love nature, animals and above all, love for our neighbors to do well!

Medio_Tonto said:
Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 3:09 PM

I'm not entirely happy with the Spanish personality it is fickle, deceptive, no moral scruples when it comes to thieving money off family etc. I've been trying to post the long version of my experiences but it does not seem to post, so I'm trying with this shorter version.

Medio_Tonto said:
Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 5:24 PM


Despite this I had good relations with other family members in my Grandfather's (now ex) city and made a tentative decision to move there but within months they were doing the same thing to me that they did to my grandfather and I could actually see it coming (inviting me to places when they never invited me before in previous years etc.) but it was all a trick to try and get vasts amounts of money out of me, when I politely declined and pointed out that instead maybe they should cut / liquidate their assets of any failing businesses and sell their lands and summer houses to pay off their debts (like I once did) they changed their attitude towards me, almost ushered me out of their home immediately after I denied them the money and turned their back on me and didn't contact me for months after that having been in contact with me twice daily on the weeks on the run up to asking me for the money.
The Spanish family good relations that I had are now severed, they are all users, even the one's from my generation in my grandfather's city just live off their parent's who provide them with apartments and cars etc. they only call me when they want something from me and I now have to politely decline. Their friends or 'gang' consisted of people I saw on and off for years, some of which were so narrow minded, they would not 'talk to the foreigner'... some women can be really stuck up and snobby in Spain, even though they are just average looking working class 'basic b*tches' in Spain. Some insulting things were said to me out-loud by one of these "basic b*tches" (totally unprovoked) which left me shocked and resentful (note I don't like referring to any women as b*tches but believe me in this case it was well deserved and I never said a bad word about them ever before even though they were plain nasty to me for no good reason), the same thing happened to me when I called out some woman who had links to my family that I caught talking badly about my family in public - she almost had a fit when I questioned her in public and asked her to please stop talking negatively about me and my family within earshot of people out and about, same thing occurred with some cousin's boyfriend, again insults in the street towards me, again unprovoked after her side of the family gave him the green light towards me after I declined them money - I had to really fight the urge not to hit him after that one, he was just another fickle, Spanish moron with a questionable family.

The odd thing is that a similar thing happened to my Grandfather's Spanish sister who lived nearby in the same city, extended family visited her (she lived alone) more frequently during her latter years, got her to sign papers to 'take care of her finances' then they ran off with all her assets/apartment/savings when she died, my grandfather her brother got nothing.

These days I don't live in that city any more, somewhere more cosmopolitan in Spain and I like it, I prefer Spaniards in very, large, modern cities, seems to be more civility in these zones and more professionalism, people go about their own business.

Medio_Tonto said:
Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 5:29 PM


In Summary The Spanish Character / Traits (which are negative):

1) Be wary of extended family (or anyone) who suddenly want to help/aid you, they will want something from you, things which are multiples of what they have ever given you (think hundreds of thousands of euros in my case which they wanted from me and they weren't prepared to sell their own stuff to obtain), they will rob you blind if they think they can get away with it (think of what they did to my Spanish grandfather stealing his money). This philosophy extends to Spanish politicians and all areas of business (banking !) and government in Spain. Spaniards have no moral scruples when it comes to thieving money from others even their own extended family.

2) Spaniards are very fickle - they will change their character with changes in the wind. If they suddenly find that they cannot get what they want out of you, they will turn their back on you rather quickly despite the initial "over friendliness" ... this happens again when they want to get free hotel invites at your home or money and then they find that they don't get what they want.

3) Spaniards can be extremely rude and offensive, sometimes when you've absolutely said nothing against them ever. If you remain calm and start digging and directly ask them about the reasons 'why' they are being rude they often go crazy almost to the point where back in the old English speaking country it would easily get to fisticuffs. These rude and abrasive behaviours extend to the roads with their aggressive driving.

Medio_Tonto said:
Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 5:34 PM

4) Spaniards have no good sense of private business and entrepreneurship, example the businesses that failed linked to my Grandfather's nephews who attempted to steal half his money.. they had staff there reading books doing nothing in their shops all day for years, I even saw one playing video games in front of them during working ours. Private investment loans are impossible to obtain without a ridiculous amount of collateral, innovation is frowned upon and asset managers are to conservative and risk adverse. The problem is made worse by po-faced bureaucrats who make business difficult and admin business running costs expensive.

Medio_Tonto said:
Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 5:36 PM

5) Spaniards have very strong social cliques, it's often difficult to break into them or break out of them I've noticed. They almost have a gang or 'Pandilla' mentality and this extends to all age groups (middle aged or teenagers), rich (pijos) or poor (canis y chonis). This is something to do with small group 'social control' and I don't like it.

franrey said:
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 2:48 PM

LONG VERSION PART 1 (Admin please allow this to be posted, it is a true story and I took time out to write about it, I have modified the wording to include the word 'alleged' and removed words which imply breaking the law in terms of what was done to my Grandfather is Spain).

I'm going to focus on the negative aspects of the Spanish personality.. there are positives such as generosity, friendliness, forgiveness and that 'relax laid back style' but read on and digest this semi-horror story...

I have strong family links to Spain and in one moderately sized Spanish city (where I often went to visit my Grand Parents and lots of extended family) I finally understood what the Spanish personality more or less "is", I'll give you my experience....

My grandfather was widowed for some 35+ years and lived alone in a rather large apartment all his children moved away to Madrid(and other cities), some of his nephews (not blood relatives) lived in the same small city as him within easy walking distance and worked in local shops that they inherited from their hard working father who died many years ago. These nephews of my grandfather valued very much 'how they were viewed by others' in their local community (respectability and status and all that). My grandfathers' nephews started making noise within the entire family stating that my grandfather's children (them being one of my parents and my uncles and aunts) were not visiting their own father frequently or looking after him properly thus trying to portray them in a bad light and poison my grandfather against his own children. In hindsight yes they didn't visit him often enough but they were 3-8 hours+ drive away and they did visit him on occasions and Christmas they were always there. It turns out that these 'nephews' of my grandfather had taken to 'looking' after him .. quite generous of them .. sleeping over at his apartment at night 'making sure he was alright'. Well it turns out that all this care for my grandfather from these local / loving nephews (in their late 50s) was false, they wanted to get money to fund their failing businesses and to pay for one of their divorced wife's mortgage and they took half of the money my grandfather had in his bank account, they waked him there and took it out in cash (thousands of euros handed over by the bank teller into a bag as they allegedly wanted to hide the transaction on their receiving end so no one would pursue/discover them easily after he died) and after they received the cash, they never phoned him, they never visited him, they never contacted him in any shape of form and they lived and worked 3-5 minutes from his home (walking distance). Luckily my father kept an eye on my grandfather's finances via internet and they were caught and were confronted by my grandfather's children in one of their businesses were a lawyer instructed them to return the money which they did do about 2 months later. What gets me is that they were pretending to be caring family, attempting to isolate my grandfather from his own children by painting them in a negative light, they essentially took half of my grandfather's money and then ignored and abandoned him .. waiting for him to die after taking his money (he was in his late 90s), it was obvious that they they had no intention of returning the money, their businesses collapse some 4 years later for not paying certain business taxes for almost that amount of time (yes 4+ years). The family who took money from my grandfather are now squabbling among themselves for the scraps of their ruined businesses with court cases with their wive's who believe that they (being sisters themselves) owe each other money. Their businesses were non profitable for 9+ years yet they continued them spiraling into debt just as a 'tradition' almost like a facade in their community, this was made worse by the debt relating to the lands and the summer houses that they purchased on credit during the 'good days' still not paid off. At the end of the day, my Spanish family forgave them for this and they repaid them by continuing the negative talk about one of my parents and his brothers and sisters, my grandfather was taken away from the city where they isolated and tried to take his money and was well looked after by his children in Madrid (the attempted theft was the straw that broke the camels back); what was annoying is how the nephews then changed their tune rather suddenly after being exposed of the theft and suddenly made the impression to everybody that they were the good guys and were visiting my grandfather despite having not visited him for months when they were 3 minutes walk away from him and they obtained the money from him.Even one of the wive's of these nephews of my grandfather (who took the money) said in open view of everyone that my grandfather owed her ex-husband and his brother money for being like 'sons' and 'looking after him' but that was total horsesh*t and she was just a deluded, sanctimonious woman who left her husband as soon as the financial troubles and the infidelity started.

franrey said:
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 2:56 PM

6) The hot blooded, impulsive temperament is just plain, bad manners self-interest, attention seeking, with Spanish people talking over each other at dinner tables and shouting their mouths off seeking the greatest attention, it's just a 'great big p*ssing contest' a non Spaniard once observed and yes, it is extremely annoying.

7) Spaniards feeling of entitlement is off the scale, some think that the government owes them, their extended family owes them, they want to be fed for free, housed for free, educated for free, they want holiday homse, big car by attending some unproductive part time government or even private sector job and they want to get all the trappings of a Western middle class life. They want unemployment benefits for years which equate to the salary which they were getting when they were in their 'permanent' job. Get real people a job aint permanent and the world doesn't owe you, get off your butt and add value to something real.

franrey said:
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 3:10 PM

8) Immediate family in Spain (parents and grandparents, uncles, aunts) may seem to be the most important thing but it's not, it's self interest that is the most important. Take one cousin, his parents and his in-laws, his inlaws gave him and his wife an apartment and a big car but he's not quite as attentive towards one of his own flesh and blood parents who gave him nothing as an adult (because he had no money). As a result his own parent doesn't get any help and his in-laws get weekend visits every weekend. (this is strongly linked to the fickle observation further up).

9) The jobs market in Spain is a closed shop with who you know rather than what you know is what counts. It's nepotism and often businesses fail as idiot family gets employed over someone who is more competent.

AnaRuiz said:
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 3:20 PM

Really sad people here.. have you stopped to contemplate your thoughts and ponder if the result of your negative comments stems from your sour situation ? Every country has its pros and cons , just accept it . Trying to analyse a whole country personality by a bunch of moaning individuals that don't see beyond their shoelaces is as futile as trying to please an chronic depressive. The truth is that is hard to Catalog people as much as we want to stereotype so we are in our comfort zone . Don't be ignorant, don't be a loser be open to the world. As if most of the comments above wouldn't apply to UK or any other country

AnaRuiz said:
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 3:20 PM

Really sad people here. have you stopped to contemplate your thoughts and ponder if the result of your negative comments stems from your sour situation ? Every country has its pros and cons , just accept it . Trying to analyse a whole country personality by a bunch of moaning individuals that don't see beyond their shoelaces is as futile as trying to please an chronic depressive. The truth is that is hard to Catalog people as much as we want to stereotype so we are in our comfort zone . Don't be ignorant, don't be a loser be open to the world. As if most of the comments above wouldn't apply to UK or any other country

AnaRuiz said:
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 3:20 PM

Really sad people here.. have you stopped to contemplate your thoughts and ponder if the result of your negative comments stems from your sour situation ? Every country has its pros and cons , just accept it . Trying to analyse a whole country personality by a bunch of moaning individuals that don't see beyond their shoelaces is as futile as trying to please an chronic depressive. The truth is that is hard to Catalog people as much as we want to stereotype so we are in our comfort zone . Don't be ignorant, don't be a loser be open to the world. As if most of the comments above wouldn't apply to UK or any other country

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