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Property Deposit Reclaim In Spain

I am one of the many people who put a deposit on an off plan property in Spain, only to find several years on that I had no property and a very tough fight on my hands to reclaim my deposit. I have joined together with others on the same development who are in a similar situation and together we are working with Spanish Lawyers to take appropriate legal action. Some of the group members simply don't want their property now because it was not what it was supposed to be in the first place (like facilities were not put in place that were promised at the time they paid their deposits). This blog gives snippets of our journey and presents some key lessons learnt. We hope for a positive outcome some day, in fact some have had their money back already! The rest of our group are now taking action. We have learnt a lot of lessons along the way as to how to get your money back (and avoid having the lawyer take most of it from you on success!).

Paying Solicitors for Deposit Return Action
21 January 2011 @ 13:30

There are people who have managed to successfully reclaim their deposits by taking legal action on their own. This can be quite costly though and many people feel bad about putting more money up front when they have already lost money. The amount of money can be quite substantial, say between three to ten thousand euros depending on the solicitor. (It can be cheaper to go as a group but we will talk about that in another blog soon.)

There is also the real risk that you are not successful in this action too so clearly you need to lower this risk by getting the lowest fee you can. At the same time, there are good and bad solicitors so there is really no point paying cheap money for someone who is not going to get a result for you!

So the message is simply to shop around and compare prices but get the solicitors names from recommendations from those who have been successful in reclaiming their deposits. Common sense really but not carried out by many (including me to my cost in the past!).

However, remember that it is not only the solicitor that affects your chance of winning the case, it is also the situation you are in contractually. And the more difficult it is from a contractual point of view then you really need a good solicitor and these are going to be the more expensive ones generally.

I have had good and bad solicitors and this always show in what is left in my pocket at the end. Don't treat the solicitor selection phase lightly! Not only can it lose you at lot of money but it can also lose you a lot of time as legal matters in Spain take an Age to sort out. And it will only be after three of four years that you realise you have wasted your time and money on the solicitor you went with when it becomes apparent that you are not going to get your money back through the action they have taken on your behalf. You can bet however their pockets are lined nicely!

There are some solicitors I would use again and some I certainly wouldn't. You can find out a lot by searching their company on the internet and finding out what forums are saying about them. If you need a solicitor and are really stuck for someone let me know and I can recommend a few for you to look at but contact me direct for that. However, the best thing is that you find someone who has been successful in getting deposits back on your development already who you can talk to about your specific situation.

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